A Guide to Offsite Production: 5 Benefits of Packaged Plant Rooms

Author Duncan Lewis Calendar 25 June 2024
A guide to offsite production

The offsite production of packaged plant rooms embraces massive benefits, from cost to logistics and design to sustainability. The advantages to you and your client are considerable. At Dutypoint, we have the technical and practical resources to design, develop and deliver ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke package plant room solutions. Whether offsite is new territory to you or a familiar process, Dutypoint has the experience and knowledge to support your project.

#1 Reduced project risk

Offsite production means less health & safety risk and less program conflicts.

Apart from the obvious benefit of reducing onsite accidents or fatalities (despite improvements in health and safety, the construction industry has an alarmingly high rate of fatalities), offsite production eliminates the natural inefficiencies created by coordinating multiple trades onsite. Offsite production provides an easier-to-control environment and, therefore, three times safer than construction, as it falls under the manufacturing sector.

#2 Sustainability

Offsite production means less waste, less traffic, less emissions, less “lift and shift” onsite and more efficiency.

The sustainable aspects of manufacturing offsite packaged plant rooms are considerable and a key consideration in reducing a project’s environmental concerns. By consolidating manufacturing to one site, less waste and packaging are created, and what is left is managed in an ISO14001 environment. Offsite manufacturing replaces the requirement for multiple on-site deliveries, which are replaced with one delivery of plant rooms or skids.

#3 Offsite design

Offsite design means complete reassurance for consultants and contractors.

Dutypoint has extensive experience in packaged plant room design. Offsite design lets us assist you with detailed plans and realistic 3D models before manufacture. By taking the entire process from the client, we free up valuable time and resources from their schedule, which benefits consultants and contractors during the pre-construction phase. Through early engagement, offsite manufacturing can help the client’s maintenance and FM teams by taking into account any future ongoing PPM.

#4 Faster lead times, stay on programme

Offsite manufacturing allows parallel manufacturing, reducing overall project time.

Utilising a packaged plant room helps to take dependence from other elements of the critical path and allows for its construction to run parallel to the other parts of the project rather than in series. We can apply the same logic to any offsite production offering, including riser modules, horizontal run-out modules and plant skids. Units can be designed and manufactured while construction continues and delivered at the right time for your project. This approach significantly increases the efficiency of a project.

#5 Quality Control

Offsite manufacture means the best possible environment for checking.

All Dutypoint offsite-manufactured equipment is factory-tested, pressure-tested, pre-commissioned, and inspected before being packaged for site delivery. Working in a controlled ISO9001 and ISO14001-accredited environment ensures optimum conditions without being at the mercy of the weather. Additionally, any snags can be picked up by the customer in (the relative comfort of!) a factory inspection and rectified before leaving the facility.

Discover Dutypoint’s Offsite Solutions

In conclusion, choosing offsite solutions can provide major benefits to your project, whether that’s by reducing onsite labour, producing less waste or helping you stay on programme. At Dutypoint, our packaged plant rooms offer a comprehensive solution to streamline your projects and optimise efficiency. Discover our offsite production solutions today and get in touch with our team to get your project started.