Windsor Residential Property

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 28 May 2024
A cold water booster set solution at a high-end residential property

Providing consistent water flow for a luxury new build

An easy installation and guaranteed longevity

Industry sector

High-end residential

Project type

Luxury property

Project Summary

A high-end residential property located in Windsor, home of one of the oldest inhabited castles in the world, required a booster set to improve the water flow throughout the property.


Ensuring that we met the client’s specifications and budget requirements to the highest standard was essential with this project. We wanted to provide a cold water booster set solution that not only met these requirements but also ensured easy installation and longevity.


After discussing the required storage and flow rates needed for this high-end residential project, we provided a twin pump cold water booster set and two water storage tanks. This system included 2 x 1050 L tanks with a VT2 unit providing a flow rate of 5 l/s @ 5 bar. The Dutypoint team worked alongside the client to ensure a seamless installation of the cold water booster set and tanks.

The VT cold water booster set range provides a safe and easy-to-use solution, meaning a property has the ideal water flow and also aligns with WRAS and Kiwa regulations. This ensures projects achieve maximum compliance with the relevant water authorities.

Booster set and tanks in Windsor residential property

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