When we commission a system, our experienced and helpful engineers thoroughly assess every part of the installation to ensure that the unit is set to run at peak efficiency. We will report on the performance of your system and will make recommendations for improvement if necessary.

    It is important that electromechanical equipment is properly commissioned to ensure that:

    • The equipment provides a good return on investment in terms of longevity and performance
    • Energy savings will be maximised as the system is running efficiently
    • The risk of costly downtime is minimised - parts will be less likely to wear out prematurely
    • Alarm and warning signal outputs are configured correctly for the requirements of the site

    To keep pricing competitive, we base our costs on commissioning of multiple items being undertaken during one site visit. It is essential that all equipment is fully installed and connected to the incoming water and power supply prior to the commissioning visit. We reserve the right to make a reasonable charge for aborted visits when equipment is not ready for commissioning on arrival.

    We are very happy to reschedule visits to fit in with your timescales and availability, but changes and cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the advised visit date. Late cancellations may be charged at an appropriate fee.

    For more information, download the brochure. 

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