Innovative solutions for Phosphorus (P) removal.

Adobe-Wastewater Plant

Being able to control and reduce the discharge of Phosphorous (P) from wastewater treatment plants is key to preventing the eutrophication of surface waters.

Phosphorous accelerates the build up of algae, it can contribute to increased eutrophication of lakes and natural waters and starve the water of oxygen which can be hugely damaging to fish and other aquatic life. 

It can also lead to water quality issues, increased costs due to the need for water purification, loss of livestock and render recreational waterways unuseable.  

Working together to solve the P issue.

The presence of Phosphorus  in wastewater has been a problem that the water industry has been trying to solve for a number of years.

We understand the damaging effect excess Phosphorus can have on nature and the environment and have developed a range of tailored product solutions in collaboration with major water companies to help them achieve their P removal targets.



The importance of effective wash-down.

Having effective wash down facilities within wastewater treatment plants is essential to ensure any contaminants such as Phosphorus are removed from plant equipment prior to the next treatment to prevent any escape into the environment through the water discharge. 





Solutions tailored to the needs of water companies.

Dutypoint has developed standardised wash down packages designed to specific water company specifications in order to streamline the selection and procurement process.

We can offer the following wash down solutions: 

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