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Feeling the pressure – the need for reliable water supply at Rochdale Infirmary

When the facilities management team at Rochdale Infirmary, an NHS acute general hospital located in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, became aware that their aging and unreliable booster pump was...

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How choosing the right pressure booster can reduce long term maintenance costs

The role of the Building Services Consultant is often complicated by the need to satisfy multiple stakeholders with competing and sometimes conflicting requirements. However, one factor that is...

Category: VorTECH Polyethylene Pump Stations

Project Mary in Avonmouth

Project Mary, a new distribution centre in Central Park, Avonmouth was strategically selected by The Range to provide excellent transport channels to their stores throughout the UK.

Category: Water Storage Tanks

De Vere Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor

As part of a multimillion pound refurbishment and extension to the exclusive De Vere Beaumont Estate hotel, Windsor, Dutypoint were selected to provide a high capacity water storage and pump...

Category: Water Storage Tanks, Site: Pumps

A1 Coal House improvement

Dutypoint were contacted by the main contractor to assist in a pre-packaged pump station to collect stormwater from the new drainage scheme in a 1:100 year storm. Storm water in a freak storm...

900 miles to the Old Court House

Dutypoint have recently completed work in collaboration with mechanical installers on a prestigious Kensington property in London.

Category: Water Storage Tanks

Case Study: Mount Ephriam Care Home

Mount Ephraim House in Tunbridge Wells in Kent is a stunning period building with dating back to the 17th century. Today the building is used as part of Greensleeves Care – one of the most highly...

Category: Cold Water Booster Sets

A guide to domestic pressure boosting

A guide to domestic pressure boosting Water companies in the UK are constantly under pressure from authorities to reduce their leakage figures. One of the key ways of doing this, and a cheaper...

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2018 End of year thank you message

2018 End of year thank you message We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to our customers and we wish you all a very prosperous 2019. {% video_player "embed_player"...

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New Advert for Dutypoint Direct

New advert for the Dutypoint Direct team! The Direct team have pulled out all the stops this quarter in an effort to help customers get to know them a little better. {% video_player...

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WRAS Approval: What is it, and why is it important?

WRAS Approval: What is it, and why is it important? {% video_player "embed_player" overrideable=False, type='scriptV4', hide_playlist=True, viral_sharing=False, embed_button=False, width='1280',...

Category: Attenuation and Soakaway

New pipes, pumps and valves for Sainsbury’s Brentwood, Essex.

  PROJECT SUMMARY: Sainsbury’s supermarket in the busy town centre of Brentwood, Essex, recently underwent a massive redevelopment to provide additional car parking with direct access to the store.

Category: Waste Water Pumping Products

Case Study: Elmbridge Court Roundabout

Case Study: Elmbridge Court Roundabout PROJECT SUMMARY The Elmbridge Court roundabout between Cheltenham and Gloucester is one of the busiest traffic junctions in Gloucestershire. The purpose...

Category: Water Storage Tanks

Case Study: The Queen’s Club Tennis Court

The Queens Club is one of the UK’s leading sporting and social destinations. Recent work has involved adding additional grass courts, moving original courts and new hospitality areas around the...

Category: Prefabricated Solutions, Category: Water Storage Tanks

Case Study: Digital Reality Data Centre, Amsterdam, NL

Case Study: Digital Reality Data Centre Dutypoint were contracted to supply a water system to a new state-of-the-art data centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Category: Prefabricated Solutions

How to specify an underground packaged plant room

Specifying an underground packaged plant room Underground plant rooms aren’t always the first choice for a new construction project due to the high installation costs, slow onsite construction of...

Category: Cold Water Booster Sets

Case Study: Cheltenham Racecourse

Dutypoint wins a grandstand finish When a leading construction firm was awarded the contract for the redevelopment of the grandstand at Cheltenham Racecourse, the final stage of a 19 month, £45...

Category: Prefabricated Solutions

Case Study: Llanpumsaint WwTW

Case Study: Llanpumsaint WwTW Upgrading of Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Waste water Treatment Works to current site requirements and comply with safety standards.

Category: Prefabricated Solutions

Optimise installed at 'NHS healthy new town' Barton Park, Oxford

Barton Park - Oxford {% video_player "embed_player" overrideable=False, type='scriptV4', hide_playlist=True, viral_sharing=False, embed_button=False, width='1280', height='720',...

Category: Prefabricated Solutions

Underground Packaged Plant Rooms: A lesson in safety

Underground Packaged Plant Rooms: A lesson in safety Barton Park is a 94 acre residential-led scheme to the north-east of Oxford, England. The development includes plans to build up to 885 new...

Category: Prefabricated Solutions

Optimise installed at Kelling Heath holiday park

Project Summary Dutypoint were asked to specify an underground packaged plant room for the Kelling Heath woodland holiday park as part of their site redevelopment project.

Dutypoint at Off Site Construction 2018

Dutypoint are exhibiting at the OffSite Construction Show at the EXCEL in London on 20th & 21st of November - Register to get your free tickets today!

Category: Water Storage Tanks

The Atlas Building at 145 City Road

The Atlas Building at 145 City Road is a prominent Central London site and is in the heart of the up and coming ‘Tech City’ borough of Hackney. The project comprises of two buildings – an iconic...

Coal Drops Yard at Kings Cross

 COAL DROPS YARD - OPENS TODAY Built in the 1850’s, the Coal Drops at Kings Cross station in London were originally designed for receiving and sorting coal as it arrived is from the north of...

Category: Prefabricated Solutions

How combining essential plant equipment is tackling the skills shortage in construction.

Skills Shortage in Construction Challenge: As the average age of the skilled construction workforce increases1 and the influx of skilled labour from outside theUK decreases2, our industry will...

Category: Prefabricated Solutions

Offsite construction and the packaged utility room.

Safety First and Last Challenge: Safety no longer just refers to the safety of contractors on site – as important as this is – but safety of the installed system throughout its life cycle, right...

Introducing Laurie Pomeroy - Dutypoint Sales Manager

M&E division sales manager, Laurie Pomeroy is committed to delivering the very best in customer service. We talk to him about what working at Dutypoint means to him – and what a post-Brexit...

Site: Pumps

Introducing Tim Eagle

Tim Eagle is highly experienced in the world of pumping technology. We talk to him to find out more about his role and his vision for the company.

Category: Water Storage Tanks

How to select the right booster set

There are lots of things we all take for granted. Having running, clean water is one; having running, clean water that flows effortlessly is another.

Site: Systems, Site: Pumps

Top 5 things we get asked by estimators

  Top 5 things we get asked by Estimators. Dutypoint Know-How for Estimators

Category: Prefabricated Solutions

Issues to consider when installing underground

  When it comes to installing equipment underground, there are a number of key things that you need to take into consideration... 

Site: Pumps

Dutypoint Commission Large Pumping Station in the West Midlands

With the recent construction of a large manufacturing facility in the West Midlands, Dutypoint were asked to design a wet-well solution, to address the high water table on site, and protect a...

Solving the wet wipes issue through pump specification

By working closely with the building services sector, we can help them to better understand the benefits of ensuring pumps are specified correctly from the outset. This in turn has potential to...

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Introducing Jon Padfield

Sales engineer Jon Padfield has been part of the Dutypoint team for several years. We catch up with him to find out more about what his role involves and why the customer will always be at the...

Dutypoint Element HIU

What is a Heat Interface Unit?  Heat interface units (HIUs) are typically installed in properties or individual apartments within larger complexes, as part of a community heating network, to...

Challenge Dutypoint case study: Abbey Road, London

Dutypoint were brought into this project at a late stage by a main contractor. The program was well under way and the project was moving forward at a pace. The structural design was complete based...

Are wet wipes flushable?

Antibacterial, face and baby wet wipes are quick, easy and convenient but they are bad news for water infrastructure systems and pumps. Wet wipes are advertised as flushable and yes, they flush...

Site: Pumps

Dutypoint team members assist rescue mission in Amatrice, Italy

Dutypoint team members, Tim Eagle and Daniel Freeman have been working with the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) supporting the rescue mission in Amatrice, Italy. RRT have been on site in the Earthquake...

Why you need a Water Conditioner

Before we highlight the benefits of water conditioners, let’s start with a couple of quick geography and biology lessons. Much of Britain’s underlying geological structures are made up of...

Alternatives to concrete ring solutions

Is a concrete ring solution the right choice? When dealing with waste water management, the materials need to match the scale of the project: the bigger the project the bigger the solution. One...

Why is water pressure important?

Water is a precious commodity that is often taken for granted. When you turn on a tap you expect water to flow out freely – and the majority of the time it does. However, when water starts to...

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A guide to submersible ABS pumps

When dealing with large volumes of wastewater and sewage, you need a pump you can rely on to move liquid from one place to another. Submersible pumps are specifically designed to work underwater,...

Introducing Dutypoint Systems

Your guide to Dutypoint Systems Just as there are two sides to every story, there are two sides to the Dutypoint Group. One has earned the reputation of being a leading distributor of pumps, the...

Overcoming water-based challenges in tall buildings

Our cities are filled with tall buildings, each one more ambitious than the last. As well as making a dramatic impact on our city skylines, these high-rise buildings maximise space in densely...

Benefits of using Dutypoint for your domestic project

Dutypoint: Simplifying your domestic projects

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Go with the flow: Circulator pumps

Every pump on the market is unique; each has a specific function within a wider pumping system. Take circulator pumps as an example: they are a vital part of domestic and commercial heating and...

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Pump Brands Overview

Here at Dutypoint Pumps our focus on supplying pumps is underlined by three clear priorities.

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History of Dutypoint

It’s 1976. Temperatures in the UK are soaring and the drought that started the year before is taking hold of the country. With the mercury repeatedly rising to above 80°F, many households have no...

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New Head Office for Dutypoint

To support its growing business, Dutypoint, has moved into new premises in Gloucester’s Olympus Business Park. The move has enabled the company to expand its warehouse, production and office space...

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Introducing Chris Lang

Marketing manager at Dutypoint Chris Lang has brought a wealth of experience to the team. We catch up with him to have a chat about all things marketing – technical, digital, promotional and even...

Site: Pumps

Introducing Robert Freeman

Director at Dutypoint, Robert Freeman reflects on the past 20 years in the business and talks about why technology, altruism and table tennis mean so much to business success.

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Welcome to the World of Pumps

Pumps are complex feats of engineering that are involved in nearly every aspect of modern life; always working away in the background so people rarely give them a second thought. Simple everyday...

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Dutypoint Launch New London Office

To mark the opening of its new London offices at 66 Turnmill Street, Dutypoint invited key speakers from property consultants GL Hearn, who also co-author the annual London Tall Buildings Survey,...

Dutypoint release new Cat 5 Booster Set

Dutypoint Systems announce the release of the HP25 Cat 5 booster set, with integrated break tank.

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Dutypoint Ltd Merge With Broadway Systems

Dutypoint are delighted to accounce the acquisition of Liquivault Ltd, trading as Broadway Systems. Both companies have sustained strong growth, manufacturing quality mechanical and electrical...

Dutypoint Systems at Ecobuild

Dutypoint Systems exhibited at the Ecobuild event for the first time at the ExCeL exhibition centre in London's Docklands.

BIM Models for Dutypoint Systems VR Booster Sets Now Online

Dutypoint Systems have announced today that highly-detailed BIM models of the popular VR booster set range are now available to download.

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Dutypoint Pumps expand range of stocked items

In order to ensure that our customers have access to all the pumps and spare parts they require, the company has expanded the range of items which are held in stock in order to be able to offer...

UK Government Encourages Uptake of District Heating

The UK Department for Environment and Climate Change (DECC) has announced that it would like to see an increase in the number of properties heated via district heating (also known as heat...

Dutypoint Systems launch brand new website

Dutypoint Systems today launched a new website with the aim of providing a hugely useful resource for specifiers, contractors and consultants. Access to accurate technical information, advice and...

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Elmbridge Pump Company is now Dutypoint Pumps

We are delighted to announce that the Elmbridge Pump Company is now Dutypoint Pumps.

Site: Pumps

New website for Dutypoint Pumps

Today Dutypoint Pumps launched a new website to co-incide with its new identity. The new site is designed to be a tool that can be used by engineers, facilities managers and OEMs even when on the...

VM Booster Set Receives WRAS-Approval with Option of 4 Manufacturers' Pumps

The Dutypoint Systems VM range of cold water booster sets has received WRAS-approval with four different manufacturers' pumps. The VM range was already one of the most configurable booster sets on...