Why you need a Water Conditioner
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Why you need a Water Conditioner

Before we highlight the benefits of water conditioners, let’s start with a couple of quick geography and biology lessons. Much of Britain’s underlying geological structures are made up of limestone and chalk, meaning that water naturally absorbs minerals such as calcium and magnesium as it permeates through the rock. However, while calcium and magnesium are essential for bone strength, nerve function and a healthy immune system, they are also the primary cause of hard water and limescale.

As water is heated, the calcium bicarbonate present in the water releases carbon dioxide, which in turn leaves calcium carbonate deposits (aka limescale). Across the world, limescale is an ever-present issue in commercial buildings and one which urgently needs to be addressed. Limescale seems harmless enough and often gets overlooked, but once the problems start, they cannot be ignored.

Why is limescale an issue?

As limescale builds up in appliances, the efficiency of those systems is reduced. According to British Water, a build-up of just 1.6mm of limescale on a heating element can reduce efficiency by as much as 12%. The impact is just the same when you are dealing with other associated equipment, too. Not only does it become more costly to run, limescale build-up may also lead to a shorter product lifespan.

What can I do to treat it?

Water conditioners offer an ecologically viable solution to the problem of limescale. The benefits are threefold: energy consumption is reduced, the lifespan of the equipment increases and the build-up of limescale decreases. It’s a win-win-win situation for any property.

The Dutypoint EC range of electromagnetic water conditioners provides the effective way to treat this issue.  They cause a change to the structure of the crystals present in the water, which prevents hard limescale from building up on the surfaces of pipework and components used within commercial systems.

The calcium carbonate present in water commonly occurs in two different crystal structures, calcite and aragonite. Although calcite and aragonite have the same chemical composition, their crystal structures are completely different: The structure of calcite crystals has a high level of aggregation and adhesion, causing rapid calcareous scale build-up within pipes and connected equipment. The structure of aragonite crystals has a low level of aggregation and adhesion, preventing calcareous scale build-up. Extensive testing has proved that the innovative distribution of the electromagnetic fields within the Dutypoint EC unit ensures that the calcium carbonate in the water downstream of the unit forms only as aragonite. Therefore, although the chemical composition of the water is not changed, the aragonite crystals generated have a low level of aggregation and adhesion preventing hard calcareous scale build-up

How do water conditioners differ from water softeners?

Electromagnetic water conditioners are becoming the system of choice among specifiers as they do not change the chemical composition of the water, introduce additional chemicals to it, or remove any essential minerals from it.  Water conditioners also require no maintenance.

Why choose a Dutypoint water conditioner?

When someone invests in a Dutypoint water conditioner they are guaranteed a system that has undergone extensive testing to ensure the best possible performance. Thanks to the innovative distribution of electromagnetic fields in a Dutypoint water conditioner unit, calcium carbonate forms only as aragonite which causes less limescale build-up than the more adhesive calcite crystals. Also, our water conditioners are WRAS approved, and potable water upstream of the device remains potable downstream of the device.

If you are looking for a system that will not only reduce limescale build-up but also reduce running costs and maintain the efficiency of connected equipment then speak to one of our experts about a Dutypoint electromagnetic water conditioner. Customers who have these units installed report a high level of satisfaction – and if your customers are happy, we’re all happy.

To find out more about this product or any others in the Dutypoint range, call us on 01452 300592 today.