Overcoming water-based challenges in tall buildings
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Overcoming water-based challenges in tall buildings

Our cities are filled with tall buildings, each one more ambitious than the last. As well as making a dramatic impact on our city skylines, these high-rise buildings maximise space in densely populated areas and satisfy our fascination with tall buildings. However, they also bring with them a number of challenges.

The most obvious of those challenges is ensuring the structures are well designed, but there are other considerations, too. From Dutypoint’s perspective, the most significant is ensuring a good supply of water. We have worked on a number of tall buildings, and whether 26 storeys (The Eagle and Eagle Black) or 45 storeys (Baltimore Wharf), the pressure and the flow of water must be the same throughout the entire building – from ground floor to top floor.

Tall, taller, tallest

The taller the building, the greater the challenge in terms of water pressure and flow. In the UK, London is already home to an impressive array of tall buildings. Among the more recent additions, the Shard, the Cheesegrater, and the Walkie-Talkie all confirm tall buildings don’t just need good foundations, they also appear to benefit from a quirky nickname, too.

According to research published by New London Architecture (NLA) and GL Hearn, there have been an additional 119 new tall buildings planned for the capital since March 2015. This means that the total number of tall buildings (those with 20 storeys or more) currently in the pipeline is a staggering 436.

Getting to the bottom (and top) of water pressure

Of course, the impact of such rapid development in London could see our already water-stressed capital feeling the strain. While water utility companies provide adequate water supply to a building, it’s up to M&E consultants to ensure it flows through that building. To do so they need innovative solutions that are specifically designed to smooth out any water pressure issues in tall buildings.

How Dutypoint can help

With many years of experience, Dutypoint offers a range of pioneering products that can step up to the challenges of water pressure and flow in even the tallest of tall buildings. Notably, the VR Ultra Compact Twin Pump Variable Speed Booster is designed to produce maximum performance within a minimum floor area and with minimal footprint. Not only has this booster set been designed to fit through a standard door frame, it can also be serviced whilst operational as each element can be isolated.

Just as impressive in terms of performance and quality, is the VMV (Versatile Modular Booster Set with up to eight pumps). Both compact and versatile, it allows multiple inlets and discharges so the system can be designed to fit the building. It is also WRAS approved up to 16 bar – unlike most alternatives which are only rated to 10 bar – meaning it is the smart choice for the tallest of buildings.

Placing water challenges in the spotlight

Dutypoint is committed to overcoming water-related challenges in tall buildings. At an event hosted by the company at the end of last year, key speakers addressed an audience of M&E consultants on this very theme. In the spotlight was the capital’s high rise trends and the responsibilities of water utility companies and contractors.

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Overcoming water-based challenges in tall buildings may be a tall order, but it’s not impossible. To find out how Dutypoint products can help high-rise projects visit our website or contact our team of experts today on 01452 300592.