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Lee Bessell

Articles by Lee Bessell

Having spent many years living in the United States and the Netherlands before returning home to the UK, Lee has gained many years of experience in a wide variety of marketing and PR roles. To get in touch with Lee, please email: lee.bessell@dutypoint.com

Coal Drops Yard at Kings Cross

 COAL DROPS YARD - OPENS TODAY Built in the 1850’s, the Coal Drops at Kings Cross station in London were originally designed for receiving and sorting coal as it arrived is from the north of...

Introducing Laurie Pomeroy - Dutypoint Sales Manager

M&E division sales manager, Laurie Pomeroy is committed to delivering the very best in customer service. We talk to him about what working at Dutypoint means to him – and what a post-Brexit...

1 August 2018 / Site: Pumps / by Lee Bessell

Introducing Tim Eagle

Tim Eagle is highly experienced in the world of pumping technology. We talk to him to find out more about his role and his vision for the company.

9 May 2018 / Site: Systems, Site: Pumps / by Lee Bessell

Top 5 things we get asked by estimators

  Top 5 things we get asked by Estimators. Dutypoint Know-How for Estimators

19 April 2018 / Case Studies / by Lee Bessell

Issues to consider when installing underground

  When it comes to installing equipment underground, there are a number of key things that you need to take into consideration... 

2 January 2018 / Site: Pumps / by Lee Bessell

Dutypoint Commission Large Pumping Station in the West Midlands

With the recent construction of a large manufacturing facility in the West Midlands, Dutypoint were asked to design a wet-well solution, to address the high water table on site, and protect a...

28 July 2017 / Site: Pumps / by Lee Bessell

Introducing Jon Padfield

Sales engineer Jon Padfield has been part of the Dutypoint team for several years. We catch up with him to find out more about what his role involves and why the customer will always be at the...

Dutypoint Element HIU

What is a Heat Interface Unit?  Heat interface units (HIUs) are typically installed in properties or individual apartments within larger complexes, as part of a community heating network, to...