Challenge Dutypoint case study: Abbey Road, London


Dutypoint were brought into this project at a late stage by a main contractor. The program was well under way and the project was moving forward at a pace. The structural design was complete based on a 1000mm pump chamber but pump flow rates were still in question so orders couldn’t be placed and the specified supplier was quoting 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Dutypoint stepped in and committed to hit a very tight deadline. The bespoke pump stations, customised to suit site requirements and prevent any structural design amends, were accelerated through our design process, manufactured and delivered to site within three working days of receiving the order!

What’s more, our packaged pump station solution was quicker to install, more cost effective and most importantly, safer to install than alternative systems.            
This was certainly a challenging project, but not too much for Dutypoint!