De Vere Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor
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De Vere Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor

As part of a multimillion pound refurbishment and extension to the exclusive De Vere Beaumont Estate hotel, WindsorDutypoint were selected to provide a high capacity water storage and pump solution to accommodate a significant increase in demand from additional bedrooms to the hotel.

De Vere



Dutypoint worked closely with Cudd Bentley Consulting to design a system specifically for the project which was compact enough to be crane lifted over the historic building and installed in an enclosed courtyard location with minimal impact on the aesthetics of the building.

QuadraTANK lifted over hotel


The QuadraTANK integrated kiosk, booster set and WRAS approved tank with a weatherproof housing provided the ideal solution to meet the demands of the entire complex.

The unit is completely self contained, protected from all weather extremes and is easy to access for regular maintenance.