We offer a range of packaged plant rooms, designed to include all the plant room components you require in an all-in-one packaged unit.

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Packaged plant rooms

We work closely with our clients, from design through to commissioning to ensure all required specifications and standards are met. Our packaged plant rooms are designed to include booster sets, storage tanks, hot-water generation and category 5 systems, with the option of bespoke builds available.

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Nightingale Jersey Hospital Case Study

The Dutypoint team were approached to design and supply a packaged cold-water booster system. The system provided the hospital with domestic cold water and category 5 water supply.

Our packaged plant room options

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Harton POD by Dutypoint

Building on the Harton legacy, we have created the Harton POD by Dutypoint, a prefabricated, fully sealed, below-ground cold-water storage tank and booster set plant room made from durable GRP.

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The Dutypoint Optimise™ packaged plant room provides a cost-effective, safe and efficient solution to plant room space, with lower overall costs, unique safety features and ease of maintenance.

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Bespoke options

We offer a complete internal design and manufacture, enabling us to install, test and pre-set parameters of the full system off site and ready to drop into place on your project.

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