Product Selector

Select a high efficiency cold water booster set for your project.

For a video explaining how to use this selection tool, please click here

Flow Rate
The maximum flow rate in your system. You should take into account the likely peak occupancy and the level of specification of the system. We have a calculator to assist if required.
Head Pressure
The pressure required at the discharge point. Normally calculated by adding the required pressure at the highest outlet to the height difference between this and the booster set, added to any friction losses in the system.
Pump Configuration
D = duty pump
A = assist pump
S = standby pump

e.g. D/A/S - two running pumps, one standby pump

Tank Capacity
AB air gap (Cat 5)
Horizontal split

ref Model No. Tolerance Duty kW per pump Efficiency Power Supply Drawings

Hydraulic performance

The potential hydraulic performance of the system when operating at full speed is shown. Flow rate is shown on the x-axis and pressure on the y-axis. The inputted duty point is shown.

Power consumption

This curve shows the power input into the pump motor when it is running at full speed, which varies according to the flow rate.


This curve shows the electrical efficiency of the pump. This is the percentage of energy used by the motor which is transferred to the impellers of the pump rather than being lost through heat or other wasteful outputs.