Ecodesign and the ErP Directives Explained.

    The Energy Related Products Directive (ErP) is a set of guidelines introduced by the European Commission, which therefore affects those operating in the UK. The directive affects any product which is either involved in the production of energy, or in consuming energy, except anything related to transport. To help you understand what the directive means for you and your customers, we've created a helpful 'Who?, What?, Where?, When? How?' guide to all things ErP.


    The European Union (EU) has set a target to:

    • Lower emissions by 20%
    • Increase the proportion of renewable energy by 20%
    • By 2020

    These are known as the '20/20/20' targets. The Ecodesign Directive is one of many measures that the EU have introduced to reach this target. This directive addresses two categories of product:

    • Energy-using products (EuP) - such as consumer goods, domestic appliances and industrial equipment
    • Energy-related products (ErP) - products which have an impact on energy consumption such as insulation material, shower heads

    The ErP directive is divided into two strategies: Ecodesign and Energy Labeling.

    Ecodesign is a set of efficiency performance standards for products that relate to energy. 

    Energy Labeling is a requirement that products which meet certain criteria must have an energy label which indicates the efficiency band of the product from G (lowest efficiency) to A+++ (highest efficiency).


    One of the opportunities identified where there are potential savings to be made is in domestic appliances. This includes vacuum cleaners, cooking equipment and lighting, but also domestic energy products such as water heaters, air conditions and fans. There are specific directives which relate to circulator pumps in heating systems, including those integrated into boilers, and standardised water pumps.

    Who? Responsibility for complying with this directive rests with manufacturers, representatives, importers, distributors and end users. Basically, everyone involved in the product's life cycle, from design to shipping, from installation to replacement. For example, manufacturers have a responsibility to provide sufficient information about the energy efficiency of their products by labeling them correctly and installers have a responsibility to calculate the efficiency of a system.
    When? The ErP regulations come into force in phases. Since 2013, only circulator pumps and standardised water pumps which meet the ErP regulations have been placed on the market. However, from 2015 onwards the requirements for energy efficiency become more stringent, with greater energy efficiency requirements placed on pump manufacturers. Further measures will be introduced in 2017 and 2019. By the end of 2019, heating manufacturers will no longer be permitted to purchase pumps which are not high-efficiency, even as spare parts for obsolete boilers. All pumps fitted as replacement parts will need to be high-efficiency models.

    If you require advice on how ErP 2015 affects your business's pumping requirements, please get in touch and one of our team will be pleased to assist you.

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