NEW QuikPIT - The quicker, more efficient method of creating a draw pit.

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Traditionally, draw pits are built on-site from brick or concrete, or take the form of a plastic chamber backfilled with large amounts of concrete, both methods can be costly and prolong installation time unnecessarily. QuikPIT from Dutypoint is different.

QuikPIT features an innovative shuttering system which dramatically reduces installation time and the amount of concrete required.

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Quicker, easier & more environmentally friendly.

• QuikPIT’s innovative pre-fabricated shuttering wall system is manufactured offsite, which saves installation time on-site; simply lift the pre-assembled pit onto a stone base and pour the concrete.

• QuikPIT requires up to 50% less concrete than a traditional draw pit construction and only a single stage pour.*

• QuikPIT’s shuttering system comes complete with cable connections in place and includes a pre-shuttered base which can be installed onto stone, removing the need to cast a concrete base prior to installation.


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Flexible design.

• The modular design of QuikPIT’s shuttering system makes it highly adaptable and able to deliver numerous different size and shape configurations.

Light but durable.

• The QuikPIT shuttering system is light and easy to manoeuvre into place and once filled with a single pour of concrete, as strong as a traditional system.


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*Based on Dutypoint installation trials compared to traditional draw pit designs.  
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