The Slimline VS is a next-generation, ultra-compact and high-performance commercial and industrial cold water booster set.

Nothing compares
to Slimline

The Slimline VS Ultra-Compact Cold Water booster set offers optimum performance at a fraction of the width. Let’s face it, nothing compares to Slimline.

- Twin 1750 x 1270 x 350mm (HxWxD)
- Triple 1750 x 1600 x 350mm (HxWxD)

The Slimline features

Slimline is a fully
booster set

WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) ensures that
any system is designed to safely handle potable water in
a property and is suitable for the job that it is intended
to do. This gives the client complete reassurance that
you’re delivering safe water to the homeowner.

The Slimline systems
Complete system and parts WRAS approved

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