Infinity and Infinity+ Service Contracts

Developed for facilities managers, building owners and occupiers, the Infinity package provides a comprehensive on-site service and warranty package that offers complete peace of mind as it will ensure that your equipment is always operating at its optimum performance. It allows you to control your maintenance budget, improve pump and system performance and reliability which reduces life cycle costs through reduced energy usage as well as a reduction in breakdown and repairs and extending the service life of the product.


How it Works

  1. The Infinity or Infinity+ contract is activated from the date of invoice.
  2. Full documentation including emergency contact numbers will be despatched.
  3. The major service will normally be scheduled and completed within a month of activation.
  4. You will be contacted when your minor service is due.


Will I lose my water supply when you attend to service the pump set?

To fully check the mechanical components we often need to shut the boosted water off briefly, normally for a maximum of 20 minutes.  However this can be avoided if there is a mains bypass or we can carry this out at a suitable, specific time.

We had a power cut last night and both of the inverters on the cold water booster set have failed. Is this covered by the Infinity+ Package?

Yes.  We will attend and replace the inverters and recommission the system.

Someone has dropped a brick onto the pump in the basement and it's stopped working. Is this covered?

Yes. Certainly. Ensure the unit is electrically isolated and made safe and an engineer will attend site promptly with parts required to rectify the fault.

The office washrooms have hardly any water coming from the taps and the toilets are not flushing properly - what can you do?

In many instances like this, a brief conversation with our knowledgeable and highly experienced internal support technicians will get you up and running in minutes.  If a site visit is required, the is would be scheduled immediately.

For more information including terms and conditions, download the brochure. 

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