Infinity & Infinity+ Service Contracts


Terms and Conditions

1.     The Contract is valid from date of invoice for the period specified on the Contract Certificate. 

2.     Service visits will be carried out at approximately 6 monthly Intervals, within maximum 1 month of the due date 

3.     The equipment must be installed in a safe and accessible location, allowing a faulty unit or part to be removed and replaced without undue difficulty. The customer is responsible to arrange and provide special access and handling equipment. Outypoint will make an additional charge for any extra time or cost incurred if required to arrange or provide special access and handling equipment. 

4.     The Contract is specific to the unlt(s) Listed on the Infinity· Contract Certificate. Components, pipework or systems connected to the unit directly or indirectly are not covered by the contract unless specifically listed. 

5.     The customer must switch off and isolate any equipment if it appears to be operating in a way that is causing damage to the equipment, or is in danger of causing damage or harm to other equipment, property or persons. 

6.     The 24/7 emergency helpline will be monitored by trained staff who are often quickly able to identify and resolve problems over the phone. The caller's help is essential in providing as much information and assistance as possible. Dutypoint will attend site under the terms of our Infinity+ emergency service cover if the issue remains unresolved. 

7.     It is essential that all equipment Is connected to live Incoming water and power supply prior to the service visit. Dutypoint reserves the right to make a reasonable charge for additional visits when equipment is not ready or accessible for servicing on arrival. 

8.     Visits are scheduled to fit in with the customer's timescales and availability as far as operational Limitations will allow. Changes and cancellations requested by the customer must be made at Least 48 hours prior to the advised visit date. Late cancellations may be charged with a reasonable fee. 

9.     It is the customer's responsibility to ensure access arrangements have been made and safe working conditions are provided, or any special access arrangements or hazardous conditions are notified in advance.

10.     Site attendance will be within normal working hours. Dutypoint reserves the right to charge for specifically timed or out of hours visits. 

 – additional conditions

1.     The first service visit of an Infinity"'+ contract includes an assessment of the condition of the equipment. Any remedial works Identified and required to return the unit to good operational condition will be estimated and quoted to the customer. Dutypoint reserves the right to provide standard lnfinity""cover only until the equipment is deemed by Dutypoint to be in good operational condition. 

2.     Visits are Limited to three in any twenty working days. Further visits requested within this time frame will be chargeable. 

3.     If a reported failure is deemed by Dutypoint to be due to deliberate damage or vandalism a charge will be made for repair or replacement. 

4.     Accidental damage cover will not be available if the damage is covered by other insurance policies. 

5.     Where program settings have been changed or any modifications have been made without consultation and agreement from Dutypoint, Dutypoint reserves the right to refuse warranty if the changes are deemed to have had a detrimental effect. 

6.     Defects in material and workmanship must be reported the next working day. All warranty claims must be notified in writing within 5 working days of an issue being apparent. 

7.     In the event of a warranty failure Dutypoint reserves the right to decide whether to replace or repair the systems or components. 

8.     Where applicable, low water level protection should be Installed in the storage tank supplying and connected to the pump system(s). Where this protection is not in place, the repair or replacement of parts damaged by lack of water or dry-running will be chargeable. 

9.     Where Dutypoint advise any installation or application issues, these must be rectified as soon as possible by the customer. Otherwise warranty will be suspended until the works are satisfactorily completed. 



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