Titanium TC1607

    Terms and Conditions

    −                      Dutypoint VG/VMV/VR/VT/MSV/ESV/STV/FR Cold Water Booster Sets

    −                      Dutypoint Quantum/EFD Pressurisation Units & Pressure Vessels

    −                      Dutypoint ScubaTANK, QuadraTANK and ElevaTANK Systems

    −                      Dutypoint Circulator Pumps


    Titanium warranty and commissioning packages are subject to the Dutypoint Systems standard terms and conditions (copy available on request) and the criteria stated below.

    Full parts and onsite labour warranty, including accidental parts damage and a commissioning visit are provided to the purchaser on the following conditions:


    1.                     The Titanium12 warranty and commissioning package is valid for 12 months from date of despatch. If the unit is commissioned within 4 months of despatch full warranty is extended to 12 months from date of commissioning. Units can be commissioned later than 4 months after delivery but the full warranty will be suspended until commissioning has been completed.
    2.                     The Titanium24 warranty and commissioning package is valid for 24 months from date of despatch. If the unit is commissioned within 4 months of despatch full warranty is extended to 12 months from date of commissioning.
    3.                     The Titanium warranty provides one commissioning visit.  If multiple units are purchased and cannot be commissioned on the same visit Dutypoint reserve the right to charge for additional visits.

    4.                     The Titanium warranty and commissioning package is invoiced and activated on the date of despatch of the unit.

    5.                     The installation has been carried out in accordance with the Dutypoint operation and maintenance manual. Issues caused by incorrect installation are not covered by this warranty.

    6.                     The unit is sold and installed at one location within the UK mainland.

    7.                     The equipment is installed in a safe and accessible location, allowing a faulty unit or part to be removed and replaced without difficulty. Dutypoint will not be liable for any exceptional costs involved in                         accessing, moving or handling the equipment.

    8.                     The reported failure is not deemed by Dutypoint to be due to deliberate damage or vandalism – if such is apparent a charge will be made for parts and labour.

    9.                     Accidental damage cover will not be available if the damage is covered by other insurance policies.

    10.                   Program settings on the unit are as per the Dutypoint test certificate or Commissioning report. All settings are recorded and if settings have been changed without consultation and agreement from Dutypoint, Dutypoint reserves the right to refuse warranty if the changes are deemed to have had a detrimental effect.

    11.                   Defects in material and workmanship must be reported the next working day. All warranty claims must be notified in writing within a reasonable time frame.

    12.                   In the event of a warranty failure Dutypoint reserves the right to decide whether to replace or repair the systems or components.

    13.                   The warranty is specific to the units listed above; we are unable to include any components, pipework or system connected to the unit directly or indirectly.

    14.                   Where applicable, low level protection should be installed in the storage tank supplying and connected to the Dutypoint Booster Set. Where this protection is not in place, the repair or replacement of parts damaged by lack-of-water or dry-running will be chargeable.

    15.                   Any remedial works required to the installation that affects the Dutypoint unit, as identified and specified by a Dutypoint engineer, must be completed within 10 days. After 10 days the warranty will be suspended until the works are satisfactorily completed.

    16.                   Equipment must be switched off and isolated if it appears to be operating in a condition that is causing damage to the equipment, or is in danger of causing damage or harm to other equipment, property      or persons.

    17.                   The purchaser takes responsibility to ensure that the equipment supplied is fit for purpose.

    18.                   The 24/7 emergency helpline will be monitored by trained staff who will help to identify the cause of a problem. Customers are expected to assist our technical engineers over the phone - often we are          able to offer your on-site personnel immediate solutions to resolve issues quickly. We will attend site under the terms of our Titanium emergency service cover if we are unable to resolve the issue over
                            the phone.

    19.                   The Company’s liability for indirect or consequential loss is limited by the terms set out in the Dutypoint Ltd Standard Terms and Conditions.

    20.                   It is essential that all equipment is fully installed and connected to the incoming water and power supply prior to the commissioning visit. We reserve the right to make a reasonable charge for aborted visits when equipment is not ready for commissioning on arrival.

    21.                   Visits are scheduled to fit in with your timescales and availability. Changes and cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the advised visit date.
                            Late cancellations may be charged at an appropriate fee.

    22.                   Site attendance is subject to access arrangements and safe working conditions being confirmed.


    Other Information

    -                       Extended Warranty is available beyond 24 months; please contact us for further information.

    -                       Bespoke Warranty packages are available to suit your specific requirements; please contact us for further information.

    -                       In some circumstances and with prior agreement, commissioning and servicing can be carried out by other engineers approved by Dutypoint.

    Version TC1607