HiRISE Protection Control System.

What is HiRISE?

Our HiRISE control system is a standard feature on our VR and VMV range booster sets.

HiRISE control is always automatically activated on initial system fill, following electrical failure, or any other event that causes the system to lose all pressure. For an adjustable period of time, this innovative protection device limits the pressure that the pump set produces to prevent the discharge pipework from bursting as a result of trapped air during system fill. 


On initial fill of a system, or when re-connecting power to a booster set, if the booster set accelerates up to the target pressure too quickly it may cause a pressure surge within the system


If this occurs, and the pressure surges higher than the pressure rating of the system, it may cause some components to fail, and other damage to the system.


Whenever power is re-connected to the panel, the Hi-Rise program will restrict the target pressure to a pre-set level (lower than the desired operating pressure), for a pre-determined period. The target pressure and time period are fully adjustable.

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