Solving the wet wipes issue through pump specification

By working closely with the building services sector, we can help them to better understand the benefits of ensuring pumps are specified correctly from the outset. This in turn has potential to have...

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Dutypoint Element HIU

What is a Heat Interface Unit?  Heat interface units (HIUs) are typically installed in properties or individual apartments within larger complexes, as part of a community heating network, to provide...

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Challenge Dutypoint case study: Abbey Road, London

Dutypoint were brought into this project at a late stage by a main contractor. The program was well under way and the project was moving forward at a pace. The structural design was complete based on...

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Are wet wipes flushable?

Antibacterial, face and baby wet wipes are quick, easy and convenient but they are bad news for water infrastructure systems and pumps. Wet wipes are advertised as flushable and yes, they flush away...

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Introducing Laurie Pomeroy

M&E division sales manager, Laurie Pomeroy is committed to delivering the very best in customer service. We talk to him about what working at Dutypoint means to him – and what a post-Brexit future...

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Why you need a Water Conditioner

Before we highlight the benefits of water conditioners, let’s start with a couple of quick geography and biology lessons. Much of Britain’s underlying geological structures are made up of limestone...

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Alternatives to concrete ring solutions

Is a concrete ring solution the right choice? When dealing with waste water management, the materials need to match the scale of the project: the bigger the project the bigger the solution. One...

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Why is water pressure important?

Water is a precious commodity that is often taken for granted. When you turn on a tap you expect water to flow out freely – and the majority of the time it does. However, when water starts to...

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Introducing Dutypoint Systems

Your guide to Dutypoint Systems Just as there are two sides to every story, there are two sides to the Dutypoint Group. One has earned the reputation of being a leading distributor of pumps, the...

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Overcoming water-based challenges in tall buildings

Our cities are filled with tall buildings, each one more ambitious than the last. As well as making a dramatic impact on our city skylines, these high-rise buildings maximise space in densely...

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Benefits of using Dutypoint for your domestic project

Dutypoint: Simplifying your domestic projects

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How to select the right booster set

There are lots of things we all take for granted. Having running, clean water is one; having running, clean water that flows effortlessly is another.

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Dutypoint release new Cat 5 Booster Set

Dutypoint Systems announce the release of the HP25 Cat 5 booster set, with integrated break tank.

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Dutypoint Systems to Exhibit at Utility Week Live incorporating IWEX

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Dutypoint Systems at Ecobuild

Dutypoint Systems exhibited at the Ecobuild event for the first time at the ExCeL exhibition centre in London's Docklands.

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BIM Models for Dutypoint Systems VR Booster Sets Now Online

Dutypoint Systems have announced today that highly-detailed BIM models of the popular VR booster set range are now available to download.

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UK Government Encourages Uptake of District Heating

The UK Department for Environment and Climate Change (DECC) has announced that it would like to see an increase in the number of properties heated via district heating (also known as heat...

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VM Booster Set Receives WRAS-Approval with Option of 4 Manufacturers' Pumps

The Dutypoint Systems VM range of cold water booster sets has received WRAS-approval with four different manufacturers' pumps. The VM range was already one of the most configurable booster sets on...

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