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Our range of connectors and fittings includes products which reduce the level of vibration and noise from plant equipment. We also have a significant range which is not listed on this site, so get in touch with your requirements and our knowledgeable team will be delighted to help you.

WRAS-Approved Flexible Bellows

The Dutypoint range of WRAS approved flexible bellows provides necessary protection from vibration and water hammer, facilitating a much quieter system overall. 

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Standard Technical Features

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Model No. Connection Type Connection Size (mm)
FRB32 PN16 Flanged 32
FRB40 PN16 Flanged 40
FRB50 PN16 Flanged 50
FRB65 PN16 Flanged 65
FRB80 PN16 Flanged 80
FRB100 PN16 Flanged 100
FRB125 PN16 Flanged 125
FRB150 PN16 Flanged 150

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