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ProtectoRiSE - Anti Shock Air Release and Vacuum Breaker

The ProtectoRiSE is an essential system component. Fitted at the top of rising mains, it prevents airlocks and sudden changes of pressure due to power surges and other causes. The ProtectoRiSE is a three-function double-orifice air valve. It releases air efficiently to prevent pressure build up, allows ingress of air to prevent vacuum in the pipework and provides a controlled bleed of air to maintain system stability.

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Standard Technical Features

  • Patented small orifice configuration
  • Lightweight compact single chamber design
  • Directly acting solid cylindrical float
  • Excellent flow capacity
  • PN16 rated
  • Drain valve
  • Corrosion resistant construction


  • Isolating valve
  • Tapped cowl
  • Surge alleviation mechanism
  • Insect mesh

Technical Specification

Standard BS EN 17-4:2000
Connection Size 1" BSP
Maximum Working Pressure 16 Bar (25 or 40 Bar available on request)
Minimum Working Pressure 0.3 Bar
Hydrostatic Pressure Tests

Seal: 1.1 × PN

Body: 1.5 × PN

Temperature Range

-10°C to 60°C

Insulate at 0°C and below

Coating Fusion bonded epoxy


Item Material Specification
Body Ductile Iron BS EN 1563
Drain Valve Nickel Plated Brass  
Diffuser Plate Stainless Steel BS EN 10088
Lower Float Polypropylene WRAS Listed
Small Oriface Seal Stainless Steel/EPDM BS EN 10088/WRAS Listed
Upper Float Polypropylene WRAS Listed
Large Oriface Seal EPDM WRAS Listed
O-Ring EPDM WRAS Listed
Seat Holder Stainless Steel BS EN 10088
Cowl Ductile Iron BS EN 10088
Fasteners Stainless Steel BS EN 10088



Below is a selection of documents relating to this product range. Any downloads which relate to individual product models, including dimensional drawings, are found in the 'Variants / CAD' tab.


    ProtectoRiSE Specification Sheet File Size: 175 kB

    Technical specification sheet for the ProtectoRiSE system protection valve


    ProtectoRiSE O&M Manual File Size: 186 kB

    Operation and maintenance manual for Dutypoint ProtectoRiSE unit.


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