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EC - Electromagnetic Water Conditioner

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Dutypoint EC WRAS-approved electromagnetic water conditioners are the ecological solution to increased lifecycle costs associated with the build-up of hard limescale. The Dutypoint EC reduces energy consumption and extends the life of plant equipment by eliminating the build-up of hard calcareous limescale, without introducing harmful chemicals or additives. As the EC is a physical water conditioner, water quality is maintained; none of the essential minerals present in potable drinking water are removed through the treatment. The unit is totally maintenance-free, incorporating a simple control box with power-on lamp. The versatile Dutypoint EC operates at up to 16 bar pressure and 23°C and is available in a range of sizes.

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Standard Features

  • Approved for potable drinking water use - WRAS certified
  • High build quality – 10 year guarantee
  • Optimum system protection - effect of treatment lasts at least 7 days.  No corrosive elements are added to the water
  • Range includes DN20 to DN100 sizes.  Suitable for up to 16 Bar working pressure.
  • Economical to run - low power consumption
  • Low system lifecycle costs – help prevent equipment breakdown
  • Water is not wasted – regeneration process is not required
  • Fit and forget – no time wasted on salt / chemical top-up.  No routine maintenance required. 
  • Economical installation - no separate mains supply required for drinking water
  • Simple installation – no straight pipework required either side.  Unit is pre-wired with wall-mountable control box.
  • Versatile installation – unit can be fitted vertically or horizontally, and can be integrated into a Dutypoint cold water booster set in order to save space and installation time


  • Water meter
  • Mounting bracket
  • Isolation valves
  • Bypass assembly
  • Particle filtration
  • Flanged connections
  • Duplex connection kits

Body: Nickel-plated cast iron

Flow rings: Polyethelene

O-rings: EPDM

Connection Sizes ¾" - 4"
Maximum Flow Rate 18.3 litres/second*
Maximum Pressure 16 Bar
Maximum Liquid Temperature 23°C
Power Supply 230/1/50
Approvals CE, WRAS

* If higher flow rate is required, as many units as necessary can be connected in parallel


Below is a selection of documents relating to this product range. Any downloads which relate to individual product models, including dimensional drawings, are found in the 'Variants / CAD' tab.


    Dutypoint EC Sales Brochure File Size: 382 kB

    Sales brochure for the Dutypoint EC range of WRAS-approved electromagnetic water conditioners


    WRAS Approval Certificate File Size: 830 kB

    The Dutypoint EC Electromagnetic Water Conditioner is a WRAS-approved product. Certificate number 1906334.


    Dutypoint EC Water Conditioner O&M Manual File Size: 1.12 MB

    O&M manual for the Dutypoint EC range of electromagnetic water conditioners

Model No. Max Flow Rate (L/s) Power Consumption (W) Diameter (mm) Depth (mm) Connection Size (inches) Weight (kg)
EC20-150 0.25 4 155 50 DN20 / ¾"
EC20-180 0.583 6 176 55 DN20 / ¾"
EC20-200 0.833 9 200 65 DN20 / ¾"
EC25 1.167 12 230 75 DN25 / 1"
EC32 1.667 15 260 85 DN32 / 1¼"
EC40 2.667 20 280 90 DN40 / 1½"
EC50 5 30 310 106 DN50 / 2"
EC65 8.33 35 365 120 DN65 / 2½"
EC80 10.83 40 420 125 DN80 / 3"
EC100 18.3 80 550 142 DN100 / 4"

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