Pressurisation Units

Our range of sealed system pressurisation units are available in a number of sizes, and there are options for simpler units, or more sophisticated units. We also offer the Quantum Integral pressurisation unit which can be integrated with our cold water booster sets.

Quantum - Pressurisation Units

The Quantum range of pressurisation units feature the latest innovations in sealed system maintenance. With intelligent microprocessor control, full BMS integration capabilities and a choice of units to suit the installation, the Quantum range provides for the needs of any installation.

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Quantum Contract

The Quantum contract unit features a pressure switch controller to monitor and control pressure in heating systems.

Quantum Plus & Twin System

Quantum Plus pressurisation units feature the added advantage of twin pumps in a duty/standby configuration. In the unlikely event of a pump failure, the standby pump will continue to operate as normal.

The Quantum Twin System model is capable of managing 2 independent heating and chilled water systems. It features the same advanced feature set as the Quantum, with intelligent control and BMS integration.

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Standard Technical Features

  • Floor mounted steel enclosure
  • Pump inlet strainer
  • Pump non return valve
  • WRAS approved float valve
  • AB air gap (BS 13077 compliant) 
  • Pressure transducer control
  • Intelligent control system with LCD display
  • System fill mode
  • System leak detection
  • Adjustable differential
  • Volt free contacts


  • Twin pump duty/standby configuration on Q2-235 and above
  • High water alarm
  • Wall mounting kit
  • Choice of expansion vessels
Pumps Horizontal peripheral pumps with cast iron volute and brass impeller
Tank 18 litre polyethylene water tank with 22mm overflow and AB air gap
Valves WRAS approved equilibrium ball float valve
Non-return valve Spring loaded, brass

½" in brass and braided flexible hoses

¼" in brass and nylon tubing

Expansion Vessels Conform to BS4814 with removable diaphragms. Available with 10 Bar or 16 Bar maximum working pressure
Power Supply 230/1/50
Volt free contact Max 5A at 230V AC

Below is a selection of documents relating to this product range. Any downloads which relate to individual product models, including dimensional drawings, are found in the 'Variants / CAD' tab.


    Product Brochure - Quantum Pressurisation Units File Size: 507 kB

    Product information brochure for the Quantum pressurisation unit range


    Quantum Contract Pressurisation Unit O&M Manual File Size: 1.86 MB

    Operation & maintenance manual for Quantum contract pressurisation units. (Current Model)

    Quantum Series Pressurisation Unit O&M Manual File Size: 409 kB

    Operation & maintenance manual for Quantum series pressurisation units including the twin system. (Current Model)



Pressurisation Units

Model No. Motor Power (kW) Full Load Current (A) Inlet size Outlet size PN Rating Weight (kg)
Q-35 0.37 2.5 ½" ½" 10
QHP-60 0.5 3.1 ½" ½" 10
QHP-80 0.75 5.6 ½" ½" 10

Quantum Plus

Twin Pump Pressurisation Units

Model No. Motor Power (kW) Full Load Current (A) Inlet size Outlet size PN Rating Weight (kg)
QP-35 0.37 2.5 ½" ½" 10
QPHP-60 0.5 3.1 ½" ½" 10
QPHP-80 0.75 5.6 ½" ½" 10

Quantum Twin System

Pressurisation Unit for Two Independent Systems

Model No. Motor Power (kW) Full Load Current (A) Inlet size Outlet size PN Rating Weight (kg)
QTS-35 0.37 5 ½" ½" x 2 10
QTSHP-60 0.5 6.2 ½" ½" x 2 10
QTSHP-80 0.75 11.2 ½" ½" x 2 10

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