Prefabricated Solutions

Dutypoint are able to offer a wide range of standard and bespoke prefabricated solutions including packaged booster sets with storage tanks, packaged pumping stations and modular equipment skids. When compared to installing multiple separate units, these solutions offer the potential to drastically reduce the amount of onsite installation time for a project.

Optimise™                                        Underground Packaged Plant Rooms.

The Dutypoint Optimise packaged plant room provides a cost-effective, safe and efficient solution to plant room space, and for installing water systems underground.

By combining industry-leading technologies, Dutypoint can offer a system which overcomes many of the challenges associated with underground plant rooms, with lower overall costs, unique safety features and ease of maintenance.

Highly Configurable

Dutypoint, as a leading manufacturer of plant and equipment, offer the flexibility to install almost any cold water booster set as well as additional equipment in the Optimise, such as:

  • Electromagnetic water conditioners to prevent scale build-up in pipework and other plant equipment

  • Ultra-violet disinfection and filtration equipment

  • Boilers, air handling, CHP plants, generators and other equipment

  • Modular system for larger installations where additional capacity is required

  • Fire pump systems
OptimiseTM Underground Packaged Plant Room - Installation-1

Fast and Safe Installation

By utilising a pre-fitted concrete shuttering system, the Dutypoint Optimise can be installed in a fraction of the time of a conventional underground chamber.

The shuttering system allows the concrete work to be completed in only two pours, vastly reducing overall pour time, reducing the number of entries into the excavation and therefore reducing the number of working hours required to complete the installation.

Barton Park - Install



Safe Access for Maintenance Personnel

Unlike other systems on the market this does not require two maintenance personnel, personal lifting gear or breathing apparatus (subject to site conditions). This is due to a combination of features:

Optimise - Underground Packaged Plant Room_new

- A full-size staircase and over-sized access cover allows ease of entry and exit - A mechanical ventilation system ensures the environment is always safe without the need to carry respiratory equipment

- An underfloor flood bund area ensured that in the unlikely event the water cistern is accidentally emptied into the plant room, the risk of drowning is greatly reduced

- Twin, independently controlled sump pumps in the bund area ensure that any excess water is quickly removed

- A remote monitoring system provides alerts and warnings in case of any problems

Additional features

Also compatible with boilers, air handling CHP plants, generator and other plant

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  • Prefabricated plant room supplied complete to site
  • Fast and safe installation greatly reducing the number of work hours
  • Safe access without the need for two maintenance personnel, lifting gear or breathing apparatus
  • Highly configurable to install almost any cold water booster set and additional equipment

The Dutypoint OPTIMISE Underground packaged pl­ant room provides a cost-effective, safe and efficient solution to pl­ant room space, and for installing water systems underground. By combining industry-leading technologies, Dutypoint can offer a system which overcomes many of the challenges associated with underground p­lant rooms, with lower overall costs, unique safety features* and ease of maintenance. (*Patent applied for)


Space to install pl­ant equipment such as:

– Variable speed cold water booster set complete with pumps, valves, pressure vessels, pressure sensors and pipework

– GRP insulated cold water break tank with AF or AB air gap, overflow and level controls

– Electromagnetic water conditioner

– UV disinfection equipment

– Controls and HMI devices

– Reinforced steel frame allows installation even in high water table areas and FACTA A loading c­lass

– Integrated concrete shuttering system for fast, safe and economical installation, saving concrete and reducing personnel entries into excavated area

– Supplied complete with ­large mild steel access cover, available in a choice of colours

– Full size, fixed staircase for safe entry and egress

– Underfloor bund to prevent the risk of flooding in the unlikely event of tank of pipe failure

– Underfloor sump pumps to remove any excess water from the bund area

– Actuated inlet valve with automatic shut-off in case of water overflow, with battery back-up

– Mechanical ventilation air handling unit for constant replenishment of fresh air and temperature control

– Full interior lighting with emergency battery back-up

– Entry warning light system to give a visual signal of any hazards prior to entry

– Heater and frost thermostat to maintain a safe temperature

– Combined system control panel with touchscreen HMI and access to all system controls, including the booster set where fitted

– Mild steel full-length access cover with anti-split coating in a choice of colours


– Remote management and monitoring system

– P­lant equipment as required

– Non-standard sizes

– Increased loading factors

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Standard Optimise range

UPPR-303   3285   3285    2985   2985     8.9
UPPR-305  3285 5285 2985 4985 14.9
UPPR-307  3285 7285 2985 6985 20.9
UPPR-309    3285 9285 2985 8985  26.8
UPPR-311   3285 11285 2985 10985 32.8


Product benefits

  • Developers to regain prime space in their developments by locating essential plant equipment underground under dead space such as car parks
  • Provide a safe alternative to the confined spaces that currently define underground plant rooms, leading to more straightforward maintenance

  • A system which allows for a safer and faster installation by the civils contractor, saving valuable time on site and therefore saving on installation costs

  • Protecting the environment by an efficient use of concrete

  • Protection against drowning in the underground plant room

  • Ability to form a modular network of plant rooms composed of transportable parts which are connected on site in order that the range can cover functions of plant rooms which are larger than the transportable size

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