Integrated Pump and Tank Systems

Our range of integrated pump and tank systems save installation time and save plant room space.

ElevaTANK™ - Space-Saving Tank Frame

Another space-saving product from the Dutypoint range, the ElevaTANK™ is an excellent option when floor area is at a premium. The standard range includes 1000 litres and 2000 litres nominal tank capacity, with category 4 type 'AF' air gap. Bespoke larger tanks, or category 5 type 'AB' air gap are available on request. The pipework from the tank to the booster set is included and the booster set is sold as a separate item.

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Standard Technical Features

  • GRP Construction (WRAS Approved)
  • 25 mm Insulation (HCFC and CFC Free)
  • Reinforced Based (Encapsulated Multi-Ply Board)
  • ½", ¾" and 1" Equilibrium Float Valve Options
  • 600mm × 600mm Manway Access


  • Remote Alarm Panel
  • High/Low Water Level Pump Protection Device
  • Screen Spill Weir, Category 5 'AB' Air Gap
Float valve size Eleva ½" ¾" 1"
Actual tank capacity (litres) ET12/1000 720 710 690
  ET12/2000 1440 1420 1380

Below is a selection of documents relating to this product range. Any downloads which relate to individual product models, including dimensional drawings, are found in the 'Variants / CAD' tab.


    ElevaTANK with VG Operation and Maintenance ManualFile Size: 4.05 MB


Height: 2232mm

Model No. Actual Capacity (L) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Inlet size Downloads
ET12/1000A 720 1320 1250 2232 ½"    
ET12/1000B 710 1320 1250 2232 ¾"    
ET12/1000C 690 1320 1250 2232 1"    


Model No. Actual Capacity (L) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Inlet size Downloads
ET12/2000A 1440 2320 1320 2231 ½"    
ET12/2000B 1420 2320 1320 2231 ¾"    
ET12/2000C 1380 2320 1320 2231 1"    

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