The Atlas Building at 145 City Road

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 7 November 2018
The Atlas Building at 145 City Road

The Atlas Building at 145 City Road is a prominent Central London site and is in the heart of the up and coming ‘Tech City’ borough of Hackney. The project comprises of two buildings – an iconic 40-storey residential tower and a nine storey office building. 

Dutypoint were asked to provide a water pressure solution for the main residential tower and work closely with the contractor to ensure there was to disruption to the strict build schedule.


The biggest challenge came from providing adequate supply of pressurised drinking water to serve the 302 luxury apartments, swimming pool, spa and leisure facilities spread throughout the building. Furthermore, as space comes at an absolute premium within the Atlas Building, the second challenge Dutypoint was faced with was to provide a sheltered space to house boosted water softening plant, suitable to be installed in the only free space available; the roof.


Dutypoint recommended a supply system consisting of two large WRAS approved versatile modular variable booster sets – providing the potable water to all areas of the two buildings. These VMV units were each equipped with four heavy duty pumps capable of boosting the water up 40 storeys. 

A Dutypoint Versatile modular variable booster set

Using this system Dutypoint were able to provide a high pressure supply of drinking water for the entire building. Furthermore, a custom designed, heated, GRP QuadraTANK worked to house additional booster equipment, CAT5 break tank and water softener plant at rooftop level – all within a weatherproof enclosure.

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