Lunch & Learn.

    Lunch and Learn

    At Dutypoint we have a wealth of experience and expertise in providing bespoke underground packaged pump stations.


    We have been involved in a wide range of projects with different applications including small domestic developments, high rise residential, hotels, commercial and industrial properties, highways, schools and colleges. Whether a basic pump station or a complex bespoke system design, we will assist you in creating a suitable solution for the specific project. Our previous clients have appreciated the technical support and experience that we have within our field and our ability to understand the complexities of the projects, giving us the ability to come up with suitable and cost effective solutions.

    We can offer the following range of presentations, each section takes approximately 20-30 minutes so we recommend you select two to three of the below for a single session. We cover why certain elements are used in the industry and more detailed options regarding the selection processes in certain sections.

    Presentations currently available:

    • Why and where to use pump stations
    • What are the different pump types available and what are their applications
    • What controls and monitoring should be considered
    • Types of rising mains, precautions about sizing and where to install air release valves if required
    • Precautions to take to prevent septicity
    • Overcoming restricted discharge requirements
    • An overview of s104 sewers for adoption 7th Edition requirements 

    To date Dutypoint have presented to over 100 engineers at all levels from graduate to senior consultants and received great comments:

    • Good alternative to traditional methods advised, especially as we undertake design on pumps regularly. Potential saving for clients.
    • Interesting and educating.
    • Good balance between the products manufactured by Dutypoint and standards used in the industry.
    • Very informative and practical to current practice.
    • Informative, high-level overview
    • Informative, professional and straight forward
    • Pitched well to all grades of staff
    • Good presentation, explanation of problems with pumps in simple way. Good example of using pumps in different developments.
    • Content was well suited to our requirements
    • Interesting insight into different options with pumping stations and information about septicity

    John, Senior Consultant: “We enjoyed a very informative session from the experts at Dutypoint who really know their subject. They shared a wealth of knowledge gained from a very diverse range of applications in short and concise presentation. I’ve already booked another session for our junior team of graduates”.

    Jason, Graduate Trainee: Dutypoint have given me a great introduction to the technicalities of packaged pump stations and how they can provide cost effective all-in-one solutions for a wide variety of challenging projects. The lunch was great too!!” 

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