Underground pump stations

Dutypoint has expertise in underground packaged pump stations for various wastewater management applications. Our team specialise in sustainable drainage systems with a range of products to meet your project’s needs. Talk to our team today to discuss your project requirements.

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Vortech range

Vortech range

The Vortech range includes a good variety of underground packaged pump stations, covering applications for domestic and light commercial applications in a range of sizes. Vortech GRP tanks are designed where larger storage volumes are required or ground conditions are less favourable.

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The QuikForm™ is an underground waterproof chamber with a pre-formed PVC shuttering system. The QuikForm™ pump chamber is delivered to your site as a fully pre-assembled system and can be installed in less than half the time. QuikForm™ uses far less concrete compared to traditional GRP chambers.

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Underground packaged plant rooms range

Underground packaged plant rooms

If you’re looking for the complete package, we offer two packaged underground plant room solutions. By combining industry-leading technologies, Dutypoint can offer systems that overcome underground plant room challenges which come pre-assembled and delivered to the site ready to go.

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