Meet the requirements of BS 9251:2021 with the Dutypoint ResiSHIELD fire sprinkler pump set range and make sure your power is uninterruptible with the ResiPOWER range of online UPS systems and battery banks.

ResiSHIELD Fire Sprinkler Pump Range

Our ResiSHIELD fire sprinkler pump set range is an instant response, intelligent system designed specifically to meet the revised BS 9251:2021 and provides fail-safe continuous pressure to your fire sprinkler system.

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ResiPOWER Sprinkler Power Supply Backup

Dutypoint has developed a fire sprinkler-specific power supply solution. The NEW ResiPOWER provides an uninterruptible power supply with additional battery banks for complete fire sprinkler safety.

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Fire sprinkler legislation

BS 9251:2021 specifies the design, installation, components, water supplies and backflow protection, commissioning, maintenance, and testing of fire sprinkler systems installed for life safety purposes in residential and domestic premises.

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