The original ScubaTANK® all-in-one tank and booster set from Dutypoint, delivering maximum results with minimum hassle.

Experience a torrent, not a trickle

ScubaTANK® is the leading all-in-one tank and booster set designed to consistently deliver optimum water pressure throughout any size of property.

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ScubaTANK® is the only WRAS-approved 'complete system'

WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) ensures that any system is designed to safely handle potable water in a property and is suitable for the job that it is intended to do. This gives the client complete reassurance that you’re delivering safe water to the home owner.

The ScubaTANK® system
Complete system and parts WRAS approved

Designed to deliver optimum water pressure to any size home

  • All the power, none of the noise
  • Fits in the smallest spaces
  • The energy-efficient solution
  • One unit, zero fuss
Benefits of ScubaTANK®

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