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Future-proof your project with the next generation ScubaTANK®

The all-in-one tank and booster set from Dutypoint, delivering maximum results with minimum hassle.

Key improvements to ScubaTANK®

Tank inflow rate increased to achieve higher flow

Electronically adjustable tank fill levels fitted as standard

Improved controls bracket design for easier access to critical components

Smart remote monitoring to predict failures before they arise

Improved electrical design for less downtime in the event of a failure

High level alarm included as part of common fault

Experience a torrent, not a trickle

ScubaTANK® is the leading all-in-one tank and booster set designed to consistently deliver optimum water pressure throughout any size of property.

Benefits of ScubaTANK®

All the approval you need



EPD Certification offers complete transparency on the environmental performance or impact of a product over its lifetime. ScubaTANK® is the UK’s only EPD-Certified Booster set, giving a complete life cycle assessment from cradle to grave.


WRAS Approved

Every ScubaTANK® is manufactured to the highest standards, with the complete system and all parts being WRAS-approved. This gives the client complete reassurance that you deliver safe water to the homeowner.


Kiwa Approved

The Kiwa Regulation 4 certification assures that a system complies with the legal requirements of the UK Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. With a ScubaTANK®, you’re in safe hands with the assurance of using a reliable system.


Made in Britain

Being part of Made in Britain represents our commitment to providing exceptional quality products for our customers, developing and nurturing home-grown skills and talent in our employees, and achieving more sustainable manufacturing.

Designed to deliver optimum water pressure to any size home

  • All the power, none of the noise
  • Fits in the smallest spaces
  • The energy-efficient solution
  • One unit, zero fuss
Explore the full benefits

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