Prefabricated GRP and polyethylene underground chambers are becoming the preferred type of pump station over the traditional method of constructing in-situ concrete chambers. However they are still inefficient in terms of the volume of concrete used and the labour intensive backfill and cover installation process. They also have their limitations in high-ground water applications.

QuikForm™ is a revolutionary design of underground chamber, incorporating an innovative modular concrete shuttering system.

Delivered to site as a fully pre-assembled system, the QuikForm™ pump chamber can be installed in less than half the time, and uses 50% less concrete compared to traditional GRP chambers*. QuikForm™ is super durable and suitable for up to 8m submersion below the water table.

*A study comparing the required concrete volume for a QuikForm™ installation versus traditional GRP chamber installation of equivalent size, showed that the average saving in concrete across the complete range is 69.8%.

This is due to the fact that the QuikForm™ shuttering is designed to optimum shape and width to achieve the required strength without using any more concrete than necessary.

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The quicker, smarter, more efficient pump station

The traditional method, which generally includes either a concrete ring or GRP/Polyethylene moulded tank, which acts as a waterproof liner, requires a significant amount of concrete backfill to provide the necessary strength and to prevent floatation from groundwater pressure. QuikForm™ is different!

This new and innovative method of forming a waterproof chamber, uses a modular, pre-formed PVC shuttering system, which forms a waterproof super strength barrier when filled with concrete. The QuikForm™ method has a number of advantages over the traditional method of creating an underground packaged pump station:

– Fixed concrete cost – no more guesswork or concrete wastage; up to 50% less concrete required (dependent on chamber size and ground conditions)
– 35% less labour hours to install compared to equivalent GRP system*

– No concrete base required just lay the stone base
– For time critical installations a single pour of concrete is achievable with the QuikForm™ system subject to using concrete with the relevant additive

– Uses up to 50% less concrete*
– PVC shuttering minimises contact between concrete and exposed ground

– No concrete base required, simply lay a stone base using self-compacting type stone
– QuikForm’s large flat base means the chamber will stay in position during concreting and backfill without bracing or strapping the chamber in place
– No need to fill the chamber with water during installation
– Inlets are available preformed, or can be easily installed as required on site using wall seals
– Adjustable turret for fine tuning the cover mounting level to match finished ground level

QuikForm™ is designed to satisfy the needs of multiple applications from large residential and small commercial developments, including B&B’s and hotels, through to large commercial and industrial applications such as hospitals, schools and factories.
QuikForm™ is ideal for extra-deep applications which historically haven’t been feasible to achieve with pre-fabricated chambers.

– 304 Stainless steel ISO pipework with Victaulic couplings as standard provides excellent strength, corrosion and surge resistance
– Frame and turret made of powder coated mild steel
– All standard sizes and depths are structurally designed to withstand worst-case ground conditions including ground water up to cover level**

QuikForm™ Packaged Pump Stations have been designed to be as flexible as you need them to be to ensure that they fit with the specific requirements of your project:

– Pipework available from 2” to 8”
– Wide range of pumps available
– Chamber depth range from 2m to 8m and any size in-between
– Inlet connections can be made on-site at any height and orientation to accommodate site drainage, which removes the hassle of working around a fixed position
– 1.6m and 2m tank diameters to match the pump size or storage volume requirements (2.5m available from Jan-20)
– Option to interconnect separate storage chambers to incorporate large emergency storage volumes into your pump station design

*Based on Dutypoint product installation trials.

**It is the contractor’s responsibility to ensure use of the correct specification of concrete, and installation is completed in accordance with our installation guide.

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QuikForm™ is a revolutionary design of underground chamber, incorporating an innovative modular concrete shuttering system.