QuikBREAK Vortex Control Unit Stormwater Products from Dutypoint

Stormwater Products

The Dutypoint stormwater product range includes ViroSEP Oil Separators and QuikBREAK Vortex Flow Controls.

Manufactured from GRP, our ViroSEP fuel/oil separators are designed to meet the requirements of the Environment Agency’s PPG3 document and are tested in accordance with BS858-1:2002. Standard models can be manufactured to suit site-specific requirements and also bespoke builds for a high water table and deep inverts. The range includes Bypass, Full Retention, Forecourt, Wash-down and Silt Trap separators.

QuikBREAK vortex flow controls are used to limit the rate of stormwater that is leaving a particular site or development to help minimise downstream flooding. Each QuikBREAK is individually designed to deliver the best performance and to ensure ease of installation.

ViroSEP HCA Stormwater Products from Dutypoint