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Introducing the latest Dutypoint ‘Big Red Book’

Over 250 pages packed with industry-leading pump systems and technology. An essential tool in the successful outcome of clean water and wastewater projects.

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What is the
Big Red Book?

  • A selection guide of all Dutypoint products
  • Shared expert knowledge from a leading player in fluid technology
  • An indispensable reference tool to help select the right product for your project
  • Filled with technical information about our entire range of products
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Hand-delivered by an expert

We are offering the opportunity to have your Big Red Book delivered by one of our experts. They’ll give you a walkthrough and share additional knowledge to help you choose the right products for your projects.

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Browse through our flipbook version of the Big Red Book. Use the double left arrow to get back to the interactive content page. If you would like your own copy, you can either download, receive a posted copy or request a Dutypoint expert to hand-deliver a copy by completing the form below.

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