Viable Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Viable Commercial is a complete rainwater harvesting system for commercial buildings. Rainwater is collected from roof surfaces and is passed through a particle fiter. It is then stored in an underground tank. The water can then be used for irrigation, car wash system, toilet flushing and washdown (with optional UV disinfection). Tanks are constructed from polyethylene, eliminating the need for a concrete surround. The system features automatic pumps which run automatically according to the valve opening and closing. The pumps can be sized to suit the installation requirements and water can be pumped up to 2000m horizontally and up to 100m vertically.

Product specification

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Case studies

The Fisheries Case Study

Standard Technical Features

Each system built to order for the specific installation
Packaged system, easy to install
Robust polyethylene construction (does not require a concrete surround)
Particle filter
Underground storage tanks
Automatic pumps


UV disinfection