In line with the BS 9251:2021 standard, Dutypoint has developed a NEW enhanced power supply solution. The NEW ResiPOWER provides an uninterruptible power supply with additional battery banks, designed specifically for fire sprinkler systems.

Uninterruptible Power Supply for Sprinkler Systems

One of the key updates in the 2021 version of
BS 9251 (The standard for residential and domestic fire sprinkler systems) is the concept of ‘enhanced supply’, which stipulates the need for a backup power supply for the sprinkler pump system.

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Blazing the way in Fire Sprinkler Systems

Designed specifically for fire sprinkler systems, ResiPOWER features a compact, modular design and true double-conversion online UPS. Available in a large range of sizes, all with a purpose-designed range of water ingress protection enclosures.

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