VorTECH Packaged Pumping Stations

The VorTECH packaged pump station range comprises a complete range of wastewater removal and sewage handling products. With simple installation, a compact design, durable noncorrosive material, Vortech products are easy to install and virtually maintenance-free. Multiple sizes are available to suit all applications, catering for large multi-user installations. 

The tanks are designed to be virtually maintenance-free and feature durable, non-corrosive materials.

Customer-Supplied Guiderail Systems

All tanks can be assembled with customer-supplied guiderail systems. This service is available to enable the installation of pumps of customers' own selection. 


Dutypoint have one of the largest range of packaged sewage pumping stations in the UK. The standard systems are available in the following ranges:

Polyethylene tanks 100 - 40,000 litres
GRP tanks (details on request) 1,200 - 300,000 litres
Concrete (details on request) 1,800mm and 2,400mm diameters

We also manufacture bespoke fabricated tanks in stainless steel, fibreglass and polyethylene to suit areas where space is restricted and access to the site is reduced.


VorTECH Polyethylene Pump Stations

Polyethylene is an excellent material for use in the manufacture of tanks for Pump Stations.

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VorTECH GRP Pump Stations

GRP is highly durable and used for many applications where large capacities are required (up to 300,000 litres)

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Sewers for Adoption

Dutypoint manufacture a complete range of packaged pumping stations suitable for Adoption by all of the Water Authorities to SFA edition 7.

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