900 miles to the Old Court House

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 31 January 2019
Vertical Cantilever Pumps project by Dutypoint

Dutypoint have recently completed work in collaboration with mechanical installers on a prestigious Kensington property in London.

The project was requested when a series of old sewage vertical cantilever pumps from Pullen finally seized-up causing foul water to pool in the building’s underground wastewater gully.

This sudden pump failure resulted in a rather unpleasant smell causing residents to contact the facilities manager, who in-turn contacted Dutypoint due to the specialist nature of the pumps involved.


One of the main challenges of this project was access.

The vertical cantilever pumps are situated in a cramped, confined space above the gravity-fed sewage gully and proved to be a complex removal process in terms of health and safety.

The next obstacle came after removing the old pump from the confined gully. As these were a non-standard pumps, we first had to properly identify the unit specifications and then organise for replacements to be specially made in Italy to the same exact criteria.


Understanding the urgency of the pumps and the associated health and safety risks around septicity, we were able to organise a dedicated courier to drive the 900 miles to collect the replacement pumps from the Italian factory and delivered them to site within 22 hours of being manufactured.

The replacement pumps were a perfect fit and were quickly installed by MetroMech team without any problems.