Celebrating British Manufacturing

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 24 October 2022
Celebrating British Manufacturing With Dutypoint Web Banner

Great Britain is a world leader in engineering and innovation. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was born here. So were George and Robert Stevenson. As a nation, we built the first steam locomotives, passenger railways, and the hydraulic press.

At Dutypoint, we constantly endeavour to embrace that pioneering spirit. We are always pushing boundaries, breaking barriers, and blazing trails, setting the bar high for the British manufacturing industry.

Watch the video to find out why being recognised as a British manufacturer is so important to us:



From the beginning, no matter how big we’ve grown, Dutypoint headquarters have always been in Gloucester. That’s over 45 years of serving our community in the South West! We design and manufacture all our products here, and as we prepare to move into our brand-new premises just up the road, we are excited about how this will impact product research and development.

Being a UK manufacturer is one of the foundations of our business. It means:

– More jobs for the community
– More investment in the manufacturing industry, both locally and nationally
– More support for British suppliers
– Ongoing contribution to national economic growth

Most important to us, however, is the value it brings to you, our customers. Sourcing parts and manufacturing our products in Britain means faster turnaround times for your projects.

Look out for the Made in Britain accreditations on our website, which guarantee that all our pumps and systems were made right here in GB.


But don’t worry, we’re not going far! Our new, state-of-the-art premises are at Olympus Park in Gloucestershire, just off the M5. We are bringing all our teams from across the country under one roof to streamline our operations and promote collaboration and innovation. Dutypoint’s future as an ambassador for British manufacturing is secure.

Get in touch to find out more about our accreditations and values. You can call the team on 0808 239 7536 or email enquiries@dutypoint.com.