Dutypoint Element HIU

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 4 July 2017
Dutypoint Element HIUs

What is a Heat Interface Unit?

Heat interface units (HIUs) are typically installed in properties or individual apartments within larger complexes, as part of a community heating network, to provide heating and hot water from a single central heat source.

They are an increasingly popular, energy efficient and cost effective alternative to the more traditional combi boiler. They are fully compatible with UK heating and hot water systems and use the latest tried and tested technology so are completely safe.

  • Highly efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lower installation and ongoing maintenance costs
  • No need for gas supply to each apartment
  • Ultimate control and comfort for building occupants
  • Metering solutions for individual properties or apartments
  • Flexible configurations and specifications to meet the requirements of any project
  • WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved and certified safe for drinking water

The Dutypoint Difference

At Dutypoint we configure all our Element HIUs to meet the exact specifications of each project and can offer a number of options including built-in metering, wireless usage monitoring and variants for radiator based or under-floor heating.

Our experienced technical team can also provide expert advice and system design solutions with customised configurations outside our standard range to meet challenging requirements. All Element HIUs are manufactured using only the highest quality components, specifically designed for HIUs, to provide greater reliability, lower maintenance costs and a long service life.

Community Heating Networks and Heat Interface Units

Suitable for apartment buildings and community housing complexes

A central heat source delivers heating and domestic hot water energy to the entire complex, via the primary network, to individual HIUs which are situated in each residential unit.
The HIU’s plate heat exchangers then provide hot water and domestic heating to meet the demands of the occupants.

Environmentally friendly renewable energy

One of the primary considerations in modern construction is conserving energy through the use of energy-efficient plant.

Within a community heating system, hot water and heating is produced by a centralised community heating plant which is generally powered by renewable energy sources.

Building services engineers have the option to design systems for multi-dwelling complexes which can use renewable energy sources such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP), biomass, solar or heat pumps, without the need to equip each individual dwelling with its own renewable energy source.


All Element HIUs are fitted with an Ultrasonic Heat Meter as standard, to accurately record the occupants’ hot water and heating consumption so they can be billed separately for the energy they consume. The meter has an M-Bus connection to a centralised data collection platform for remote meter reading.

Greater level of luxury

Hot water can be provided on demand without the need for cylinder storage, and at a higher flow rate than a typical domestic combi boiler. Our Element HIU Systems are available at standard capacities up to 80kW, almost twice the maximum output of most domestic combi boilers (40kW). Higher capacity units can be configured to meet specific requirements.

Proportional Hydraulic Control provides a constant domestic hot water temperature, giving the building occupants ultimate comfort as the water temperature stabilises very quickly.

Highly efficient, economical on-demand control and performance

Our Element HIUs are demand-controlled so water only flows through the unit when it is required for hot water or heating, reducing heat loss and limescale build-up, resulting in significantly longer service life. The occupants of each dwelling also have full temperature control, giving greater comfort.

Reduced investment and ongoing maintenance costs

Rather than installing a building-wide gas network with numerous domestic boilers, our Element HIUs only require hydraulic connections from the central boiler plant, so are safer, easier and quicker to install and deliver significant cost savings.

As there is no gas connection and no flue pipe, ventilation routes are not required, saving further cost, and allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing building exterior. There are lower running costs and less disruption for the occupants of the building as HIUs require less ongoing maintenance than boilers. Installers do not need to be gas qualified.

Every Element HIU is supplied factory-assembled and fully tested to ensure optimum performance and reduce commissioning and maintenance time and costs.

Our Element HIUs also feature first fix connection rails so all pre-plumbing can be completed prior to installation. The HIUs therefore remain free from debris and also contractors can stipulate a later delivery and payment date to fit best with the project timeline.