Introducing Jon Padfield

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 28 July 2017
Introducing Jon Padfield from the Dutypoint team

Sales engineer Jon Padfield has been part of the Dutypoint team for several years. We catch up with him to find out more about what his role involves and why the customer will always be at the heart of everything the company does.

What is your role at Dutypoint?

I work as a sales engineer in the repair and distribution division. This means the majority of my time is spent sourcing and supplying equipment to our customers. From a spare part that needs replacing to a completely new pump for a major project, if we don’t have what the customer wants in stock we track it down for them. My role also involves identifying and specifying particular items of pumping equipment for new applications.

What were you doing before you joined Dutypoint?

I have been with Dutypoint for some time now, but prior to joining I worked for a small UK-based pump manufacturer, which specialised in boiler feed and chemical dosing. I was keen to move into a role that offered a wider range of challenges – and the job at Dutypoint fitted the bill perfectly.

What has been your proudest moment?

I can’t pinpoint one particular moment but do take an immense amount of pride in what I do and the ongoing growth of Dutypoint as a company. Everyone in the Dutypoint team works hard to give our customers what they want, and this is just one of the reasons it is such a great working environment.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the challenge of meeting customer needs in the most efficient, effective way possible. Every customer has different requirements, it is up to us to meet their expectations. To do this successfully we have to invest a lot of time into building, nurturing and maintaining relationships with those customers. It really is a great part of the job.

How does Dutypoint differentiate itself from competitors?

At Dutypoint, we like to think we go the extra mile in meeting the various challenges of the industry – be that supplying a single mechanical seal or a complete bespoke system. We work hard to achieve an exceptional level of customer service and the feedback we receive from our customers suggests we do it pretty well.

Why is charitable giving so important to Dutypoint?

As a company, and as a team of individuals, the principle of charitable giving keeps us grounded and focused on supporting those less fortunate than ourselves. Working with charities is ingrained into our company culture and we are all involved in making a difference.

What does the future hold for Dutypoint?

The future for Dutypoint looks to be one of continued growth through greater diversity and an increasing awareness of market requirement.