Introducing QuikForm™  – the quicker, smarter, more efficient packaged pump station.

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 31 October 2019
Introducing QuikForm™  - the quicker

Say hello to a quicker, smarter, more efficient way of creating an underground packaged pump station, say hello to the NEW QuikForm™ Pump Station range from Dutypoint.

The traditional method of creating an underground packaged pump station generally requires either a concrete ring or GRP/Polyethylene moulded tank which requires a significant amount of concrete backfill to provide the necessary strength and to prevent floatation from groundwater pressure. This prolongs the build program and incurs significant cost.

QuikForm™ is different. It’s revolutionary, patented chamber design incorporates an innovative modular shuttering system which creates the following benefits:

  • Installation labour hours are reduced by 35% compared to an equivalent GRP system*
  • Up to 50% less concrete is required than with an equivalent GRP system*
  • Fixed concrete cost – no more guesswork or concrete wastage

For more information on QuikForm™ please visit our QuikForm product page.

Welcome to the revolution.