Issues to consider when installing underground

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 19 April 2018
Issues to consider when installing underground

When it comes to installing equipment underground, there are a number of key things that you need to take into consideration…

Ground water
Ground water is an important to bear in mind when installing any system underground. The system should not only be designed to withstand the pressure of groundwater against the base and walls, but also to counter flotation. The Optimise is designed to withstand ground water up to cover level, thus providing a reliable, safe underground room even in the harshest of ground conditions.

Ground type
Due to the 100% self-supporting structural design of the Optimise, it can be installed in any type of ground.
Loading requirements
The location of the underground plant room and the nature of what will be passing above should be considered. The structural steel frame and cover design can be adjusted to your specific load rating requirement.

Water Ingress
As with any underground space, waterproofing is a very important factor to consider. The Optimise utilises innovative modular PVC concrete shuttering system which provides a 100% waterproof barrier once filled with concrete. As a back-up precaution, a fixed twin sump pump arrangement with electrode level control is installed within the under-floor bund sump to remove any water ingress or water spill.

Where man entry is required, an adequate ventilation system must be provided to ensure safe respiration and the efficient removal of any hazardous gasses. The Optimise includes a forced ventilation system as well as a gas detection and warning light system. This provides reliable and simple information of the status of air within the room, upon initial access cover lift.

Tank Spill
Tank spills within an underground plant space can cause drowning hazard if the correct precautions have not been designed into the system. The Optimise incorporates a full bund to at least the full tank capacity, directly underneath the steel grid floor. The fixed sump pump installation then pumps away any water to drainage.

Safe Access
Most underground plant systems will require a confined space 2 man entry. The Optimise has been designed specifically with safety and convenience in mind. It incorporates a full size stair case with handrail which removes the requirement of a ‘Top man’ and makes it easy to carry tools and equipment in and out. This not only proves a lower risk entry but saves cost on servicing and maintenance engineers.

Optimise; The cost effective, safe, efficient and fully integrated water system plant room solution.

The Dutypoint OPTIMISE Underground packaged pl­ant room provides a cost-effective, safe and efficient solution to pl­ant room space, and for installing water systems underground. By combining industry-leading technologies, Dutypoint can offer a system which overcomes many of the challenges associated with underground p­lant rooms, with lower overall costs, unique safety features* and ease of maintenance. (*Patent applied for)