H2X makes specifying booster sets easy

An-Exclusive-collaboration. Dutypoint x H2X

Dutypoint has collaborated with H2X to help provide you with booster set specifications. Use H2X’s software to undertake a variety of calculations to help you identify your required pump duty and provide the most suitable Dutypoint product for your project.

When using the software, it will prompt you to add a booster set to your design if you do not meet the minimum inlet pressure at the fixture. After adding in the booster set, H2X will calculate the required pump duty.

Flow rate – calculated by the number of fixtures/nodes connected to the pump.

Pressure – calculated by meeting the ‘Minimum Inlet Pressure’ at every fixture/node.

Watch the video below by Jordan Mills who explains the features in more detail:

Specifying booster sets

Specifying booster sets

Based on the configuration that you select (Duty/Standby or Duty/Assist/Standby), H2X will provide the relevant Dutypoint model to suit your project.

As shown in the image, a ‘Duty/Standby’ pump which requires a flow rate of 2.35 L/s and an extra 1.41 bar of pressure will specify the relevant Dutypoint model – VG2-5HME06-LSM.

Specifying a ScubaTANK®

Specifying a ScubaTANK®

H2X software includes the option to add a storage tank into your calculations, so what better product to have specified than a ScubaTANK®!

The storage tank capacity can be manually specified or calculated based on storing X minutes of the peak flow rate. As shown in the image, a ‘Duty/Standby’ pump which requires a flow rate of 1.35 L/s and 2.31 bar with 20 minutes of peak flow rate storage will specify Dutypoint ScubaTANK® – WX2-5060-1650.