QuikBREAK Vortex Control Unit

QuikBREAK vortex flow controls are used to limit stormwater that is leaving a particular site or development to help minimise downstream flooding.

Climate change and an increase in urban development have caused stormwater to not be able to soak into the ground as it previously did; therefore, the stormwater must be piped to the nearest watercourse or storm drain, which contributes to flooding during periods of heavy rainfall.

The rate at which water is allowed to leave sites and developments is a requirement that is specified by that site’s local authority, meaning you require a stormwater management system installed on site. QuikBREAK limits the discharge to a pre-development level, while the site’s attenuation, usually a large underground tank, stores the excess water during a rainstorm.

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Product specification

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Operation and maintenance manual for QuikBREAK.
Installation guide for QuikBREAK.

The most effective flow control device

Due to their unique S-shaped curve, vortex flow controls can save on storage space and therefore give a financial gain by letting more water out earlier in a storm, compared to other types of flow controls.

Made to order

Careful control of production ensures that your bespoke QuikBREAK is manufactured to a high standard and delivered to site in the shortest possible time. Each purpose-designed unit is precisely cut from stainless steel plates using a waterjet machine. The component parts are carefully shaped, assembled and finished by our coded welders approved to British Standard BS4872.

Purpose-built flow controls

Developed specifically for use in drainage systems, the QuikBREAK offers an effective solution to your stormwater management problems. Each unit is configured to suit each individual site and to fit easily into the drainage infrastructure. The QuikBREAK is currently in use throughout the UK and overseas.


QuikBREAK units themselves require no routine maintenance. Some chambers require inspection & maintenance in line with current practice.


Individual design: All of our QuikBREAK vortex flow controls are individually designed to meet our client’s best performance criteria.
Will your QuikBREAK block?: The relatively large cross-sectional areas and high peripheral velocities cause scour at the intake and greatly reduce the risk of a blockage occurring.
How long do they last?: QuikBREAK vortex flow controls have no moving parts to wear or fail. Made from stainless steel plates, they resist scouring, degradation and chemical attack. A QuikBREAK should easily outlast the sewer in which it is installed. All of our units come with a 120-year guarantee.


Material used
304 grade stainless steel as standard, other materials optional
Plate thickness
Generally, 3 mm thickness (larger thickness possible for larger units where required)
Coded welders approved to BS4872. Continuous seams for maximum strength
Rodding access
Pivoting bypass door on all units as standard