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Who can install a ScubaTANK®?

A competent plumber or pump engineer should install and service ScubaTANK® according to our guidelines.

Do I need a Gas Safe registered person to install and service my ScubaTANK®?

No, ScubaTANK® is not a gas appliance and therefore gas regulations do not apply. However, we would recommend that any installer is either an experienced plumber or pump engineer.

Where can I buy a ScubaTANK®?

ScubaTANK® can be purchased via a ScubaTANK® installer or a local plumbing and heating merchant. They are also available online at

What are the running costs of ScubaTANK®?

This depends on your property - the more water you use, and the taller your property, the more energy will be required. However, you can be assured that the ScubaTANK® will only use as much energy as is necessary. The unit will power down when not required and only use the minimum amount of energy necessary to satisfy the demand. Annual servicing is also highly recommended.

Is ScubaTANK® safe to use with drinking water?

Yes, absolutely. ScubaTANK® is approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS - the UK-wide water industry body) for use with drinking water. As part of its approval process, ScubaTANK® has undergone stringent tests to ensure that no part of the product causes any contamination of the water. ScubaTANK® is the only product of this type to have this level of approval.

What warranty is offered on ScubaTANK®?

ScubaTANK® comes with a standard 24-month warranty from the date of delivery.

Does ScubaTANK® require servicing?

Yes, we highly recommend that ScubaTANK® is serviced annually to ensure efficient operation. This is also a requirement to maintain the warranty status of your product.

Does ScubaTANK® offer protection against legionella?

In order to guarantee protection from legionella, ScubaTANK® is insulated to ensure that water does not rise to a temperature at which legionella is able to grow.

Can I use ScubaTANK® for my garden hose/sprinkler system?

With a minor modification, ScubaTANK® can be used for these applications. An additional safety feature known as an ‘AB air gap’ is required in these situations to ensure that dirty water does not contaminate the mains supply. In most cases, it is simpler to connect any externals taps directly to the mains.

Why does ScubaTANK® need to store water?

Water regulations only allow a pump to draw 12 litres/minute from the mains supply. This is barely enough for a single shower. Because ScubaTANK® has an integrated water storage tank, this limit does not apply, allowing you to use multiple outlets, including rain head showers, at good pressure, at the same time.

Where is ScubaTANK® made?

All ScubaTANK® are built and tested in our production facility in Gloucester and conforms to UKCA regulations.


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