Top 5 things we get asked by estimators

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 5 September 2018
Top 5 things we get asked by estimators

Dutypoint Know-How for Estimators

An Estimator, sometimes known as a cost engineer, is in charge of working out how much it will cost for a company to supply products and services to its clients. Working out the price of every item required for a project can be a headache at times – So in order to help ensure you’re getting the answers you need when you need them, we have put together the top 5 questions estimators ask again and again.

1 “What product would you recommend for a new building or a block of apartments with ‘x’ amount of showers, toilets and kitchens?”

In order to answer this question with the most accurate and appropriate booster set for your project, we first need to confirm some other bits of information.

  • How many floors does the building have?
  • What is the proposed location of the booster set and are there any space or access restrictions?

Both these facts play a massive roll in the selecting the correct booster set for your project. The next thing we need to know is not only the number of water outlets the building has, but also the type. This normally refers to showers, as luxury high-flow rain-head showers require far more pressure and flow than standard units. If you are unsure of any of aspects of the project, we are more than happy to arrange a site visit*

*Subject to your project time-scales and the site location.

2 “Can you give me a price over the phone now for a XXX?”

Yes – but often it works out better for us to call you back because we might be able to offer you quantity breaks and various other discounts.

3 “Can you email me a quote for an ‘x’ product for ‘x’ project?”

We pride ourselves on our track record to provide quotes quickly and sent back within 24 hours of the enquiry – This can be sooner if specifically requested or scheduled for closer to your tender date.

If you are tendering for a project, it is always better to let us know the dead-line that you’re working to, that way we can do our best to make sure you get all the information you need, when you need it.

4 “What is the standard lead-time for your products?”

Standard booster sets (including ScubaTANKs) are 2-4 weeks. Bespoke booster and tank units can typically be 4-8 weeks after final drawing approval. Often, if an exact delivery date is specified at the time of order, we can adjust our build schedule to suit yours, so that no time is wasted on-site.

5 “Have you already had an enquiry for the ‘x’ project?”

Although we are not at liberty to discuss specifics with you, it’s often the case that we get as many as 20 enquiries for the same project. In these cases we can provide you with a copy quote within a few hours of enquiring.

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