A1 Coal House improvement

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 2 August 2019
A1 Coal House improvement

Dutypoint were contacted by the main contractor to assist in a pre-packaged pump station to collect stormwater from the new drainage scheme in a 1:100 year storm. Storm water in a freak storm would rise over a weir in the drainage system and divert through the pump station.


The pump station was not initially within the scope of this project so the client was looking to install something as quickly and competitively as possible. They contacted us to assist in designing a pre-packaged system to keep their costs and program as low as possible. When the drainage system was completed, it became apparent that this was not going to be within the capabilities of a packaged system.

With flow rates of 900 litres/second, 300mm pipework, a 5m diameter by 11m deep chamber, this was unfortunately too extensive for a pre-packaged system.


Finally, working in partnership with hydraulic engineers and the client, Dutypoint appointed a team of mechanical and electrical installation engineers to carry out the installation of pipework, pumps, controls and panel into the concrete shaft.