Playing a role in our local community

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 4 October 2022
Man Talking To Camera In Boardroom

Dutypoint has been a family-owned, people-centric, community-oriented business from the beginning. We have had our headquarters in Gloucester for over 45 years, and we are very proud of our South West roots. As we look forward to moving into our new premises here, we reflect on this opportunity not just for our own evolvement but for the growth of our community.

As an established business in Gloucester, we are able to develop critical skills, forge careers, and assure strong futures. Watch the video to find out more about our business and community initiatives:


Our position as a local industry leader has enabled us to form strong community bonds with schools in the Gloucester area. We work closely with schools and colleges to offer work experience placements and apprenticeships. At Dutypoint, we are committed to educating the next generation and protecting the planet for their future. The next thing we have ‘in the works’ is a sustainability project for local schools designed to teach students about the importance of efficient water usage and how to reduce waste.


As a company, we recognise the importance of giving and are committed to supporting various local, national, and international charities. We are proud to have worked with the James Hopkins Trust and the Gloucestershire chapter of the Rapid Relief Team, as well as national organisations like Cancer Research UK and Great Ormond Street. In our team, we’re lucky to have several excellent bakers. Earlier this year, we hosted a Bake Off to fundraise for Macmillan Cancer Support. What a delicious way to donate to a good cause!


Dutypoint has nearly 50 years of experience providing bespoke underground pump stations. Our experience is second to none. Whatever solution a project requires, we can build it. Our clients appreciate our depth of knowledge, industry experience and the level of technical support we provide. Professional development is the key to growth. That’s why we offer bite-sized training sessions for businesses to help expand the knowledge horizons and skill set of your team. What could you learn in your lunch break?

“Dutypoint has given me a great introduction to the technicalities of packaged pump stations and how they can provide cost-effective all-in-one solutions for a wide variety of challenging projects. The lunch was great too!” – Jason, Graduate Trainee

To book a training session for your team, contact Dutypoint today. Call us on 01452 300110 or email