Crossways Commercial Park

Author Lloyd Preston Calendar 8 March 2021

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Located adjacent to Junction 1a of the M25 in Dartford, this brand-new commercial park will deliver 26.8 acres of market-leading distribution and logistics space. The development consists of three new commercial properties sized 101,205 sq ft – 238,800 sq ft. The park is considered a premier location for businesses that want to improve their delivery networks and the properties will be ready for occupation from summer 2021.

Each warehouse/property needed a stormwater and foul water pump station due to the ground level and distance from the pump station locations and the gravity main.


With each site presenting a new challenge, our team of experts had to ensure that we supplied a solution that would meet the demands and potential output of every property at the commercial park.

Early designs created for the project included stations that totalled 7m deep due to the storage requirement. However, the contractor had to carry out bomb detection to a maximum of 5.5m. 


Dutypoint QuikFORM™ was an ideal solution for this project and was designed to maximise the storage and minimise the depth and size of the excavation during installation.

The customer also utilised the optional access platform to ensure the valves could be easily accessed in the event of a blockage or breakdown. Overall, we supplied multiple systems, pumps and stainless steel pipework to keep the commercial park development on track while ensuring the site’s wastewater needs are covered for the future.

Product Offering

  • 3x QuikFORM™ – pump station – 2m diameter x 5m deep chamber
  • 3x poly pump stations – 1m diameter x 4.3m deep chamber
  • Twin pump systems
  • 100mm stainless steel pipework
  • HCP Vortex 76mm solids handling pumps